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Settings for my novel.

Detroit, Michigan: Run down, except for the Downtown Area. The Downtown Area until Midtown is bustling, teeming with businesses. Businesses: Quicken Loans, SocraTea, Sevia, Slow’s, etc. Mostly white and wealthy. Between 6-9 Mile Roads, homes are dilapidated and most have CONDEMNED signs hanging from them. Lots of crime. Mostly African American, Arabs and other foreigners. Poor to lower middle class.

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Flashback to 1960s middle America—Packers rule the town. Cottages and ranch houses have Packers flags and other Packers things displayed. Busy small town with Lambeau Field front and center. Many bars and restaurants. Yet, since Green Bay is situated near Lake Michigan—wildlife sanctuary, hiking trails, zoos, and forest areas. Buses, but mostly drivers.
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