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For my novel.

First 15 minutes: 10:32 - 10:47 am on October 7th:

She was running late. She finally found her small point and shoot camera, but the battery was just about dead. "I can charge it on my way, I still have the portable charger," she thought. "I just hope I didn't miss the meet and greet."

The sun hung low in the sky, painting the Detroit skyline in oranges and reds - typical for a sun that would be setting in an hour. Although moving here might have been a mistake, there are small instances where the move to Detroit made sense. This beautiful October day was one of those instances. It was unseasonably warm for October in Michigan - in the mid 60's. The breeze was rustling the changing leaves on trees that lined the streets. It was a nice walk to the Filmore.

Yet, this wasn't how she remembered the Filmore. Instead the room she walked into after entering through the door reminded her of Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Her dad and her went to Sun before he became sick and died. They didn't get to tour Sun Studio because it was too crowded - they had a bus to catch. However, no one was here. The emptiness of the room reminded her of when her dad died - the house in Pennsylvania was so empty. "I hope I didn't miss the concert and meet and greet..."

"Hello!" she called out. Her voice left an echo.

"Hey, what's up?" It was Monoxide's voice.

"I didn't miss you after all!" she exclaimed. Monoxide gave her a hug.


First 15 minutes: 12:50 - 1:05 pm on October 21st:

Tonight's the magical night
where witches take flight
and children in silly masks
go door to door and ask--
"trick or treat!"
and rewarded in sweets:
pumpkins' glittering lights
wishing you a Halloween so bright!

Happy Halloween!

She felt proud of the short poem she just wrote - she was very new to this card writing position. Although she had a great job as a photojournalist, she wanted some extra money. Although Detroit was bankrupt, she didn't expect some of the costs. She made close to $38,000 a year, but to live in Roseville, a resident needed to make at least $36,000 per year to survive. Fortunately, she didn't drive and that saved her a ton of money. Having extra money never hurts and you just never know when you need it. She worked two jobs in college, she could do it now.

And card making was a natural fit with writing and photography. She submitted her best poems and photos to Hallmark, American Greetings, and a local Detroit card company. The Detroit company accepted her right away - in a day. It was just her luck - on that October day that the leaves were started turning yellow, red and orange. Perfect for some of the cards she had in mind.

Every morning she would wake up at 5. She didn't need to be at work until 9. She would prepare her camera equipment and as soon as the rising sun illuminated Gratiot Avenue with pinks and oranges, she was off to get fall pictures, especially Halloween pictures.

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