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An essay written about my race Nehpilium I have created

Ethnicity Final Exam

There are many different areas that need to be looked at in order to create a successful ethnicity race. The race I decided to create is called the Nephilium. I will take through the different steps of the creation process. This includes language, ancestry, relationships, religion, rites of passage, traditions, law, money, housing, appearance, celebrations, and the arts. I will be using the main Nephilium characters Anius and Soukee to demonstrate some of things explained about this race.

The Nephilium are a race of people who have lived their life on earth and have passed over into the spirit world. After a period of time Anius with the help of Soukee discovered a way to materialize a body and return to earth. While these beings were in the spirit world there is no need for communicating through speech. Everything is revealed through the emotions and a knowing which can be compared to physic ability. Every emotion is represented by a colour, for example if a spirit is feeling love there would be a rose colour around the area of the body that represents love which is the heart. Sometimes these colours will be around the whole body. The Nephilium will take this type of communication with them when they go to Epic. Before arriving on Epic they will study the humans and learn their language so it will be easier to communicate with them. As time progresses the Nephilium will create a spoken language among themselves.

The ancestry which also includes the origin of the Nephilium race. A group of spirits in the Spirit Realm have discovered that there is to improve the condition of themselves. As they are doing this each spirit has a specialty subject which they are studying about. This brings the many experiments which contain much more knowledge than they could acquire at any time when they were in physical form. This leads to the discovery of using the mind to create a physical body through molecular science. In order to do this transformation each spirit will empty their mind of all thoughts. The only thing in their mind will be the picture of the physical body the spirit wants to transform to. While this is happening many emotions will come up about this process, the spirit must put all the emotions into the picture in their mind which empties the spirit of their emotions to help with the transformation. I am not sure if this explanation is confusing or not, I feel that this explained better when the character is actually going through the change.

The relationships between spirits are very emotional. There are many friendships and love relationships in the Spirit Realm. There is no marriage because there is no need for the ceremony. The main couple in this world will be Anius and Soukee. Anius passed about twenty human years before Soukee and was assigned to help her with deciding if she would like to take some time to study a subject of her choice or be assigned a job. While they were working together they fell in love. The relationship is comparable to a high school couple being in love. When the six Nephilium arrive on Epic, Anius and Soukee will take their relationship with them into the Physical Realm.

The subject is very interesting for this race because when these beings pass from the Physical Realm into the Spiritual Realm; they will bring all their views of the religion which was practised with them; each being will also bring the emotions and memories of their life with them. When Soukee first arrived in the spirit world she was greeted by a Greeter. Generally, when a female passes the Greeter is a female and when a male passes the Greeter is a male because having the same gender help with the transition is usually better. After some time passed and the Greeter is satisfied Soukee is ready to move on, Anius came to help Soukee decide if she was going to take some time to study or be assigned a job right away. She chose to study on the subject of religion. Anius was also studying this subject and she learned quickly. Her view of religion changed and she moved to another sphere with Anius. They both realized there are levels of learning and spent many hours researching the information in a bright white building called, the Sacred Scroll Sanctum; this where all the information on every subject is kept. After a while Anius and Soukee began to see themselves as God because they have been successful in creating some things in the spirit world. An example is an animal which they named Flupigus which is a cross between an elephant, a cat, and a fairy. This has made these spirits feel very powerful. It is at this point a brand new religion is born. There is no hierarchy or ranks. Everyone is free to learn at their own pace. There is importance in nature, such as the grass and trees there is a strong belief to merge together to increase the level of power among each other.

The rite of passage and gender roles will be discussed next. All six of the spirits going to Epic with participate in a ceremony. They will gather together in Summerland. In spirit form they will make a pact to do things that benefit the humans and to not do any harm. It is a simple ceremony. When they arrive on Epic in physical form they will perform a ceremony on the first night. There is a full blood moon which they take a ceremonial knife and the females will slit the right hand and the males will slit the left hand. After each Nepilium slits their hand they will drain some blood in a gold goblet. One by one each will drink from the goblet and say, "Together with my brothers and sisters I will do what is necessary to help those in need. I will educate the humans in all subjects I am knowledgeable in. We will do this together and watch out for one another." At the end of the ceremony there will be water and a fruit platter with discussion on their plans on what to do next. There is a balance between the gender of male and female. One is not looked upon as more superior than the other. The reason why in the ceremony the females slit the right hand and the males the left is because they are honoring the opposite gender from themselves; they consider the left side of the body to be female and the right side to be male. The gender roles are very simple. Each gender can pursue anything they want to learn or accomplish there are no limits.

There are not many traditions with this race. One thing that they practice is if you are invited somewhere to bring a gift. This gift can be something to eat or drink, sing a song, or make something. The Nephilium are a very simple race and are free to what they want, traditions have been lost to them.

There are many laws that have been created by the God who created the world Epic. These laws were created before the world existed. Some of these laws the Nephilium have discovered and some they have not. The Law of Desire is a desire of the true feeling in your soul about what you truly want. When you follow your desire you will find life going in a happier direction. The Law of Attraction is where you bring all events to yourself. You do not make things happen. Decide what you want, take the proper steps to get it and as long as your desire is pure than things will fall into place. The Law of Loving Self is when you cannot truly love others until you love yourself first. Part of this is taking care of yourself and not expecting other's to do things for you that you can do for yourself. The Law of Loving Others is where each being is a gift and should be treated like one. The Law of Abundance is where there is no limit to what you can have in your life. The Law of Rapport and Spirit Communication is when a spirit can communicate with a physical being as long as the physical being is at the same soul level as the spirit. A physical being can communicate with a spiritual being that is at the same soul level as the physical being. Both physical and spiritual beings can communicate with each other at the same level or at any lower level; they cannot communicate with any being at a higher soul level. The Law of Cause and Effect I feel can be explained best with this example. When you get a cold taking some medicine for the symptoms is only taking care of the effect, taking care of the cause of the cold will heal it faster. The Law of Compensation (Repentance) is the process any being will go through when they have broken any of the laws of the universe. The full process is to feel the emotions surrounding the situation through the body or spirit depending which realm you are currently in. You will have to be truly sorry for what you have done and show this through emotion. The Law of Balance can be best explained with this example. When looking at a secluded piece of forest, there is a bountiful of food being produced and lots of life flourishing in this environment. There is also beauty in this space. When things are left to be how they were created to be then everything flows well, if something interferes with this then things can get destroyed and look ugly. The Law of Responsibility is taking personal responsibility of one's life in all aspects will bring more peace than having others do everything for you. The Law of Truth is one of the most important laws. Good things will always happen to those in truth. There is no gray area here for this law or the belief of not wanting to hurt someone else's feelings. The reason for this there is always big lessons to be learned when the truth is revealed. The Law of Free Will each being in the spiritual and the physical have the choice to decide what they do, no matter the result they cannot blame another for their own actions. There are a few rules for the Nephilium when engaging with the humans. They will live among the Humans, the Nephilium are not to become Human. There is no taking a male/female Humans in relationships until the experiments are complete. If you want to volunteer for the experiment talk with Anius. Show the Humans how they can do things better, do not do everything for them. The Humans will not understand our experiments so no discussing our work with them. The most important is to show the Humans the true meaning of the word love.

Nikita has been doing lots of research in the ideal housing facilities on Epic. She has come up with some plans for construction an experiment which she will build one of her creations and adjust as need. Her plan is to use materials of Epic that are part of the environment like, rocks, dirt, grass, mud to start and use other materials that can be found to work well with the design. She is excited about the experiment with the gardens inside and outside. They will created as an ecosystem which will work with all the work to get the system started then once it is done there will be self-sustained producers of food, flowers, and areas for animals to flourish. There has also been an experiment with water fountains and creating music with the different type of water flows. This will be the first time experimented on in the physical form.

Each spirit going to Epic as a Nephilium will have the choice to decide what their physical body will look like. An example I will describe Soukee. She has fire-red wavy hair with sparkling emerald-green eyes. Heart-shaped head has prominent cheekbones with full red lips and smooth porcelain-white skin. Her height is 6'5 which will be a great site for the Humans and the reason is because this reflects the power they feel about themselves. Her hands look dainty which is deceiving because she has natural strength with a slim figure and long legs. Soukee has chosen to arrive in Epic in an emerald-green gown with gold trim, the neckline in V-shaped just above her breast, the sleeves are sleeveless, the length is down to her calf, and the material is the softest cotton with an intricate pattern around the bodice in gold. There is a gold bracelet on her wrist and a gold ring on her finger. Her fire-red hair is worn loose and the length is just past her shoulders and she is barefoot which the custom is for Humans.

The Nephilium openly show themselves to the Humans. The Humans are taken by them at first sight, mostly because of their beauty and stature. A huge feast was put into preparation in their honour. The Humans have declared the day the arrival of the 'Tall Ones' as the Humans call them. There is a feast of all kinds of food. The Nephilium when they were in spirit form ate some food which was fruit and flavoured water. They are overwhelmed by all the choices. There are many assortments of meat which the Nephilium will not eat. They understand why the Humans eat it and do not discuss this subject at this time with them. It can wait for a later time. The reason why they do not eat meat is because they understand the importance of all life and to eat the flesh of another is considered an evil act by the Nephilium. Because of the Law of Freewill at some point they will discuss this issue and what they decide is their burden to bare or their path to healing.

The spirits were very excited to hear about the new discovery and when Anius and Soukee told them the results of their experiment, they were happy to finally reincarnate finally to a body. The story of how they did this is recorded in gold on a white scroll so all can read about it in The Sacred Scroll Sanctum. The spirits were very interested in the making love part of their story because it is a new experience they can participate in. Their knowledge on the arts, music, maths, science, language, and the constant experimentation in everything they do will be information shared with the Humans and also to those in the Spirit Realm.

This is what I have come up with for my race, the Nephilium. I have learned so many different ways to learn and grow with my characters and writing.

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