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A walk through of the first decade of major events on Epic

Timeline Final Exam

Epic Aion: The Beginning

1000 April 1 Six of the chosen Nephilium transform into physical form and arrive on Epic

The same day The Nephilium reveal themselves to the Humans.

The Humans are so attracted to the Nephilium they decide to celebrate their visit

with a feast and name it ‘The Day the Tall Ones Arrive’

That same night all six Nephilium participate in a ritual to celebrate their brand

new beginning.

April 2 The town rep comes to speak with the Nephilium and ask if they can help with

the drought that has touch most of Epic.

Nikita has a few ideas that might help. She needs a few days to conduct some


April 12 Nikita is successful in finding a solution to the drought. She

begins teaching the lead farmer the solution. It involves

creating ecosystem that in balance with nature.

April 13 Santos starts to study the cycle of the moon and stars in physical form.

April 30 As a group the Nephilium decide to break up into pairs in order

To help more Humans with their knowledge.

May 3 The first Human discovers the experiements the Nephilium are

performing. She is horrified at what they are doing and

decides to go and tell their priest.

The priest calls for a meeting with the Master War Man.

May 13 The meeting with the priest and Master War Man. They decide that they

decide to gather their forces, train hard, and if the Nephilium are still

conducting these experiements then they will strike then. It is best to be


May 30 The animal experiments begin.

June 3 The first Nephilium breaks one of the rules about taking a human lover.

June 15 Every year there is a gathering in Water Fall Sky for one week the Humans all over

Epic gather here to watch the Glow Fish gather and mate. During this process they

light up the waterfalls and put on an amazing show.

August 2 One of the Nephilium finds this out and cannot believe he would go against the

rules which were agreed on in the Spirit Realm.

August 5 The trial of Slater. The result is banishment from the rest of the Nephilium. He is

forced to live among the Humans

1001 Jan 1 The fall of the Humans begins

The knowledge obtained by the Nephilium has caused new schools to be built.

June 15 Water Fall Sky gathering.

June 30 A new animal species is discovered. A cross between a cat and horse.

April 2 The Battle of North and South Epic begin

April 4 The Battle of North and South Epic ends

April 10 The Battle of West and East begin

April 12 The Battle of West and East ends

1002 Jan 1 The humans have caused their own fall which gets to a crescendo point here.

They do not realize the Nephilium have used their emotions against them.

Jan 15 Nephilium start construction on their own city.

Feb 10 The Battle of Wynnless Forest Begins

Feb 11 The Battle of Wynnless Forest Ends

June 15 Water Fall Sky gathering

1003 June 12 Nikita has improved the ecosystem to a level of perfection.

This also includes the growth of food without having to work as the Humans

do for their food.

June 15 Water Fall Sky gathering

1004 August 15 Discovery of a new species as a result of one Nephilium and one Human

creating a new species.

June 15 Water Fall Sky gathering

1005 March 5 An extreme earthquake shakes Epic destroying majority of the Human race.

The earthquakes causes a domino effect across Epic with volcanos going off,

tsunamis, and earthquakes take out villages and cities.

The Nephilium cause these things to happen on purpose; they see it as a

cleansing for Epic.

All the Nephilium survived these disasters

June 15 Due to the extreme weather for the first time, the Water Fall Sky gathering is

cancelled. It is now a dead festival.

1006 July 3 This is when all five sub-species are born through the results of experimentation.

1007 Jan 7 There are small pockets of human survivors, Nephilium discover one group.

The Human raids begin.

Homes are rebuilt in better construction than before.

July 2 The organization of the first town with the Laws of nature and the universe.

1008 Sept 3 Epic has been organized in such a way that each sub-species has their own area to

live in. The experiements on these species continue.

1009 Feb 8 There is a disagreement between the Nephilium and Soukee. She decides to

separate on her own.

1010 Oct 13 The perfection of the Nephilium physical body is starting to age and break down.

Intense experimentation begins to find a way to reverse this process.

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