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Flash Fiction contest entry - Small towns have big secrets.
         The room was hushed, and all eyes were on the tired-looking old man with the white hair. Doc Mortland had been the only doctor in the village for two decades. "That is the strangest thing I've ever seen" he said, slowly shaking his head. Gently, he pulled the quilt back up to the girl's chin. The bulge of the thing beneath the quilt was quite evident.

         "What can we do, Doc?" her father asked. Ben Munk's family had farmed the land here before the village was even formed. Six-year-old Samantha was the youngest of his four children, and the only girl. Everyone knew that she had been "Daddy's Girl" from the day she was born.

         "The first thing we should do is to get her to the hospital in Dexter, but if we took her there, you know as well as I do that we would never see her again". The old doctor had a cold look on his face. "We need to take care of this ourselves. Village business doesn't travel", he said, repeating the often heard adage of Hogg's Forge. Ben and his family nodded agreement. The secrets of generations had remained safe from outsiders, and Doc had kept more than his share.

         Doc opened his bag and removed several items. He poured alcohol on his hands, and nodded for Ben to lift the blanket. He looked down at the mass of flesh in the middle of the girl's chest; that hideous mass with the small eyes and the mouth which opened and closed over rows of tiny, sharp teeth.

         As he began to cut, Ben heard Doc whisper "No more! No more, please God, no more!"

         The scream that followed hung in the air.

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