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Rated: E · Assignment · Fantasy · #2013614
One of the main characters.


Name: Dinaer
Character's Full Name: Dinaer Dusksinger
Reason or meaning of name: "The Silent One"
Nickname: Talanaer Tel'Aegnor
Reason for nickname: "The Fallen One of the Fel Flame"
Birth date: (Demeteria timeline work still in progress)

Gender: Male
Age: 210 (in Repeating History)
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color/style/type: Black, medium length, hanging slightly over his shoulders, with no facial hair.
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 168 lbs
Build: Thin and perhaps lanky, he looks distinctly weak in a physical sense.
Nationality: Marsh Elf
Skin tone: Pale, like most Marsh Elves, from a lack of sun exposure.
Skin type: Soft, smooth, and unblemished on his face from the general lack of hard labor, though the rest of his body is a bit more rough.
Face shape: General Elvish angular structure, with an almost pointed chin.
Distinguishing marks: The tips of his fingers show a discoloration from the rest of his skin tone, suggesting lengthy work with some sort of chemical or substance that is prone to such an effect.
Most predominant feature: Under concealment, his skin is rough from what appears to be the beginning stages of scale growth.
Preferred clothing or accessories: The robes of the magi are the norm, and like most Marsh Elves, he prefers the darker colors, though still with the regalia and embroidery of nobility. Black & Gold, Red & Silver, these are the tendencies he seeks.

Jewelry or accessories that are special or meaningful: None
Where does character live: The Dusken Tower, in The Ebon Vale (in Repeating History & Face of Evil. The Gray Keep, in Silveria (in Shadows of the Gray)
What does s/he do too much of: Seclude himself away from those around him.
What does s/he do too little of: Allow the aide of others.
Most prized possession: His lab & library.
Why: It is the sole place that houses all he is capable of under his own power.
Talented in/with: Alchemy
Any pets: None


From: The Ebon Vale
Type of childhood: He was raised to be a magi, like many in his family, but was deemed a failure and weak by many within and without his blood kin.
Education: He learned of the Arcane at The Silver Tower, in Evergrove. His knowledge of Alchemy came from his own, private pursuit through books.
Religion/Beliefs: None, he devotes all his time to his work, and nothing else.
Relevant first experiences (if any): The first time he failed his ascendance exams in the Silver Tower and the Elven Civil War.
Did they learn the things they know from a tutor or from experience: Formal teachers and from his own trial and error.
Were these life lessons hard learned? How/Why?: Very
Is there a childhood memory that lingers with him/her or has affected him/her: The continual disappointment the teachers at the tower had for him, and their denial to let him lend aide within the war.


Mother's name: Marisandre
Relationship with her: She coddled him, and tried to ease his sorrows, but not through any constructive means, in his view. He deemed her treatment akin to that of a baby, and thus, deemed she viewed him like the others, a weakling unable to do anything himself.
Father's name: Doralien
Relationship with him: He was the chiefest of those that disdained him and openly said his skills in magic were pathetic.
Siblings: None.
Birth order: N/A
Relationship with each: N/A
Children of Siblings: N/A
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): Uncles and Aunts from both sides of the family, cousins a-plenty.
Close to family?: No
Spouses or partners?: Arranged marriage to Arauka Silverleaf, at the end of the civil war, to settle differences between the families and sects of Elven society.
Does character have child(ren): Yes, a son, Rusvaer Dusksinger.
How many: 1
Are all children with the same partner: N/A
How does character relate to his/her child(ren): The child was born out of a duty to his family, to carry on the name. He and Arauka never loved each other, and neither wanted to be married to each other. The son is cared for mainly by Arauka.
Which child is the character's favorite: N/A
Why: N/A
Is relationship with the children good: N/A
Is relationship with children important to character: N/A

Is character divorced: No
Why: N/A
How many times: N/A
Has character ever been unfaithful to spouse: No
How does character relate to others: Dinaer looks for as little interaction with others as possible, since he cares little for them unless they are interested in the same things as he and have something to offer him.
How is s/he perceived by others: Silent and anti-social.
Strangers? Friends?: Silent and anti-social.
Wife/Husband/Lover?: Silent and anti-social.
Children?: Silent and Scary.
Protagonist?: Tortures and sad, in Alek's eyes. Dorian can understand much about Dinaer, and is one of the few people Dinaer speaks to.
Antagonist?: Yami sees in Dinaer an opportunity that he is remiss to let pass by.
First impression the character makes: Silent and anti-social.
What happens to change this perception: The great lengths he goes to in order to complete a goal when he is otherwise deemed not very skilled with magic.
What do family/friends like most about character: His dedication.
What do family/friends like least about character: His seclusion.


Job: Lord of the Marsh Elves, Alchemist & Arcanist.
Number of years: 100 or so years.
Relationship with co-workers: Minimal.
Does he/she like their job: The one he devotes his time to, yes.
Why or why not: He cares more for amending his status in the realms of the arcane than for doing what is demanded of him within the realms of being leader of a people.


Greatest fear: Not being able to show his power of the arcane.
Worst thing that could happen to him/her: Having nothing to show for all his work.
What would make them cry (if at all): He would do what he could to conceal it, but a great many things regarding his status within the magic world.
Character is most at ease when: He is reading a book.
Character is most uncomfortable when: He is forced to talk to someone.
Priorities in life: Gaining power, learning more of magic and alchemy, showing those that ridiculed him what he is capable of.
Philosophy: Read twice, cast once.
How she/he feels about self: He hates himself.
How does she/he feel about failure?: It is everything he is.
Biggest regret?: Not being able to perform the simplest of tasks with magic.
Biggest accomplishment: Nothing
Does anyone else know: Everyone
How did that person find out: They were there.


Optimist or pessimist: Pessimist who clings to optimistic hope.
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert to the extreme.
Drives and motivations: Power, Duty, Right
Talents (hidden or not): He is skilled with alchemy, and with no other teacher than the books he has read, has become quite skilled with devising potions, tinctures, etc, and discerning the proper uses of alchemy within arcane ritual and practice.
Extremely skilled at: Alchemy
Extremely unskilled at: Magic use.
Good characteristics: Deep down, he cares for the well being of other Elves, mainly his wife and son.
Character flaws: He is self-conscious, and puts more effort into changing the view others have of him before anything else.
Mannerisms: He reads wherever he goes, always carrying some book with him, whether he's read it 15 times already or not.
Peculiarities: He'll recite passages from books as his response to inquiry at times, and explain the point behind such a quotation, if necessary.


How would the character describe themselves: Pathetic
Are they proud or embarrassed by any physical traits or personal qualities: Physicality holds no meaning to him, only the features of the mind is important.
Are these realistic assessments: It is perhaps the only healthy perspective he has.


Immediate goal(s): Proving he is just as powerful as anyone else.
Long range goal(s): Ridding himself of some mental flaws.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s): He is unsure how, but he will continue studying and experimenting till he can figure out how.
How will other people around the character be affected: For good or ill, there will be many effects. For the most part, those closest to him will be worried for him, and will be saddened by some of his decisions.


How this character reacts in a crisis: By avoiding the crisis, and dealing only with what relates directly with him.
How does this character face problems: By reading more, studying more, and experimenting more.
What kinds of problems character usually run into: What he perceives as more chastisement and disdain from those that view themselves as better.
What is the character's one major flaw: Unwillingness to seek help from others.
What are his/her minor flaws: Ignoring the needs of others, or the effects on others from what he does. Self-deprivation, self-consciousness, and self-contempt.
Is he/she ashamed of them: He is ashamed of everything.
How do people react to these shortcomings: Arauka often tries to help him, and in time, grows fond of him even though she doesn't love him. Others care little, and only wish to help him succeed, where his family failed.
Does he/she apologize after losing their temper: No.
What flaw would most likely drive a love interest or a friend away: He has no friends, in his view, or a love interest in anyone's view, but the very flaws listed above eventually drive them away.
How does she/he positively react to change?: All change is greeted in the same way as failure; further study, because even success cannot be allowed to bring him to stagnation.
How does she/he negatively react to change?: Inwardly, he beats himself up, even as he attempts to right the wrong.
What is their breaking point?: The hand of those stronger than him forcing him to recognize such a thing.
Does she/he have any bad habits? Can be included with flaws.: (See flaws)
How will your character grow throughout the story?: He will see the affection Arauka has for him, in time, and he will lament that he ignored it for so long.
Who will give them challenges to grow: The whole of the Silverleaf family, Alek, Dorian.
Will he/she make any wrong choices during their journey: Many.

Theme Song(s)

March of Mephisto by Kamelot
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