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A fantasy story of an undercover princess on a pirates ship.

The Unexpected Request

âIâll go easy on you,â said Ron the prince of England with strawberry blonde, curly hair. âWhy? Because Iâm a girl?â asked Ginny a 15 year old girl with blonde hair that shone like the sun and blue eyes like the sea, âIâll whip you badly.â They were having a sword fight to see who the new champion was. âOhh really?â retorted Ron throwing a swipe at Ginnyâs left but being blocked and nearly getting cut on the arm. âYip Iâll beat you any day,â said Ginny as she took another shot at his neck. Round 1 went to Ginny. Round 2 went to . . . Ginny. And Round 3 went to well . . . Ginny. âAs I said Iâll beat you any time anywhere,â said Ginny.

âLady Ginny I have a letter for you,â said the butler handing her the letter. âThanks,â said Ginny.

The envelope was made out of very old paper, her name was written in a curly green type of writing. She recognised the writing. Ginny turned the letter over in her hand, and just as expected, on the back the envelope was sealed with a red rubber stamp. The circle stamp had a triangle with a heart inside and through the heart was a lightning bolt. Ginny smiled to herself as she broke the Zatorian crest seal and opened the letter.

There were two pieces of paper in the envelope, Ginny began to read the first one:

Dear Ginny, Linda, Jessica and Micaela. Sorry I havenât written in a while itâs been very busy here in Zatora. You, Ginny are getting married so all of you have to come to Zatora.

Ginnyâs smile disappeared in a flash. She couldnât believe what she had just read. She read it again, YOU, GINNY ARE GETTING MARRIED SO YOU ALL HAVE TO COME TO ZATORA. There it was in black and white. âIâm getting married,â thought Ginny, âbut to who?â She quickly read the rest of the letter to see if she could find out who she was marrying butâ¦

At the bottom of this letter is a gold circle, when you are all ready, all hold hands a one of you touch the centre. Try to get to Clanadean the main Island. Love you lots mom.

It didnât sayâ¦

First steps in Zatora

âWhatâs that?â asked Linda. âItâs a letter from mom,â replied Ginny stuffing the other piece of paper in her pocket, âHere find the others and read this.â

Ginny ran to her room got a bag and packed as quickly as possible for herself and the others. âI canât believe it,â thought Ginny trying to find a piece of paper, âThat canât be right. Mom would never force me into getting married. I think sheâs in trouble.â She hastily copied down the map of Zatora above her bed and ran to find the others.

âReady to go?â asked Ginny panting, âIâve packed for you.â âYou sound rather egger to get married,â said the Jessica. âNo, I definitely donât want to get married, but would a letter from mom show up out of the blue and say youâre getting married?â asked Ginny in a louder tone than allowed in the castle. âNo,â said the others looking at Ginny suspiciously, âWhat are you getting at?â âWell, I think she could be in trouble so I say we go there as fast as we can and see if sheâs alright, anyway Iâve been wanting to see what Zatora looks like. Everyone in?â âYeah, I guess,â said Jessica. âOh come on its an adventure, Itâs good for you,â replied Micaela. That put a smile back on Ginnyâs face.

âRight according to the letter weâve just got to hold hands and touch that gold dot,â said Ginny pointing at it. âWell letâs try,â said Jessica. They all held hands. âWell whoâs going to touch it?â asked Linda. âI guess I will,â said Ginny edging her thumb closer and closer toward the glittering, golden dot. As her finger touched the edge it started getting bigger, well thatâs what Ginny thought, only to find that actually they were getting smaller. The hole turned into a big, eerie black hole and sucked the girls into its depths.

Their feet left the ground and they flew through the air. It was like swinging on a swing but everything was black, cold and eerie. They went back and forth and back and forth until their feet hit solid ground.

Scrubbing the decks

âI do not want to do that again,â said Jessica looking a little green, âwhere are we anyway?â âI think weâre in Zatora,â said Ginny looking around. They were in Zatora alright but where?

âQuick hide someoneâs coming!â They hid behind some barrels. âOk I think we need to get on that ship,â said Ginny peering over the barrels at a huge magnificent ship with the Zatorian crest on the purple sails. âHow do you know?â asked Jess. âI donât, but I do know how to find out,â said Ginny.

She walked over to the rather dirty looking guy. âUh, excuse me?â said Ginny catching the eye of the foul smelling guy, âWhere is this ship going?â âShip to Clanadean,â said the guy at the gate, âNo girls allowed.â âOk,â said Ginny turning round and walking back to the others.

âWell only men are allowed on the ship because itâs an army,â said Ginny, âAll we need to do is dress up like boys and we can get on the ship. We can also find out if anyone knows how the king and queen are doing.â âBut where are we going to get guy clothes from?â asked Jessica. âWell, umm we⦠will just have to find some spare clothes, Iâve got the wigs,â said Ginny taking the wigs out of her bag, âBut I donât have any pirate like clothes.â âHmm,â said Linda, âWhere are we going to get pirate clothes from?â âWill these do?â asked Micaela holding up a pair of clothes. âYeah, those are perfect,â said Ginny. âWhere did you find those?â asked Jessica. âWell I was wondering what was in these barrels, so I looked and they were full of clothes, probably for the guys on the ship,â said Micaela, âIâm sure no one will notice.â

They quickly got changed and went to the gate.

âWhatâs ye names?â asked the guy now smoking a long, brown pipe. âGinger, Lenny, Jesse and Michael,â said Ginny. âRighâ on ye go.â It was a beautiful ship with a huge steering wheel that has golden handles, the purple sails blowing in the salty air.

âRighâ everyone come line up so I can give ye yer jobs fer while yer on this ship,â said the captain. âYou oâer there,â he said pointing at Linda, âYe and yer friends will be scrubbing the decks for the whole time yer on this ship, âcos yer so puny.â The rest of the crew burst out laughing. One guy hit Ginny on the back, which knocked her to the ground along with all the air in her body which made them laugh harder.

The Earthprincess

By the end of the first day the girls fingers were all wrinkly and looked a lot like the very old prunes they had had for pudding.

The beds were . . . Ok, well actually they werenât really beds at all they were hammocks made of a dirty, suppose to be white material.

The girls were all separated into different cabins and Ginny was put under the really not even really rather like incredibly foul smelling guy and the extremely big guy that had knocked all the air out of her.

Ginny tossed and turned. She had finally settled down when one of her room mates began to snore. Big rasping breaths, it sounded like he was trying to suck the whole universe into the depths of his stomach then breathing out what sounded like a tornado.

Ginny decided to go for a walk but as she got up the second piece of paper that was in her moms envelope, fell out of her pocket. She picked it up and opened it, because it was folded in half then read:

Ginny this is for you but you can tell the others. Keep it to yourselves. You are the Earthprincess which means you can do magic. You just have to believe.

Ginny tried to lift her pillow, it didnât work. She tried again and again it didnât work. Huh, she thought, what do they do in all the movies? Oh yes clear their minds. She cleared her mind and closed her eyes then focused just on lifting the sorry looking pillow and when she slowly opened her sapphire blue eyes the pillow was floating in mid air. Only for a while because she was so shocked she dropped it. Ginny next tried to lift her blanket, it worked. Right now I want to try something else, she thought, but what? She lay down on her pillow but before she could think of any more magic tricks she had fallen into a deep sleep.

The next morning the girls got up at the crack of dawn and had a breakfast of dry bread and butter then got straight to work.

Today Ginny had to scrub the floor by the princeâs cabin. It had a marvellous oak door and a gold phoenix in the middle.

One of the guyâs working with Ginny asked, âSo whatâs ye name?â âGinny I mean Ginger,â said Ginny, âAnd yours?â âSmithy,â said the guy looking at Ginny in a funny way, his scraggly blonde hair blowing in the breeze, âYe new in these parts?â âYes,â said Ginny, âHavenât been where thereâs many people for about two years. Say you wouldnât know how the king and queen are doing by any chance?â âUhh, well no one really knows they hadnât been heard from for a while. Not until recently when weâs got a wedding invitation. One of their daughters are getting married. And no one even knew they had daughters,â said smithy smiling, his unshaven chin curving, âThatâs all I know.â âOhh well thanks for telling me.â

The Champion

After a few weeks of scrubbing floors and eating dry bread with butter the girls were very tired and their fingers were raw and pealing.

The next day started normal Ginny woke to the huge guy falling out of bed then dry bread and butter, but when the girls got outside no-one was working. âToday weâre gonna have a sword fighâ whoever beats the champion doesnâ âave te work today,â the captain was saying, â Punyâs yer first.â Micaela and Jess were first. It wasnât very exciting. Jess beat Micaela because all it took was one swipe at Micaelaâs neck which one her the point, Linda beat Jess pretty much the same way as Jess beat Micaela and Ginny beat Linda.

Smithy was Ginnyâs next challenger. âIâll go easy on ye,â he said with a mischievous grin. âOh no need to,â said Ginny smiling. She beat Smithy with ease and his excuse was, âWell my arm is not its best today.â

Half a hour later Ginny had beaten everyone except the prince and the champion, obviously the prince wasnât going to fight so she just had to beat the champion. Piece of cake, thought Ginny, If heâs anything like Ron it should only take a few minutes.

The champ was twice Ginnyâs size, both in length and breadth. Ok maybe this wonât be a piece of cake.

âThree, two, one FIGHT!â shouted the captain. The two fighters started circling each other, âOne of us have to start the fight,â said Ginnyâs competitor. âYes, you too scared to take the first swipe in case you miss and fall down?â asked Ginny in a baby voice. âOh no one speaks to me like that!â shouted the competitor charging a Ginny and taking a swipe at her leg. âOh no you donât,â said Ginny moving to the right and making her challenger run head first into the side of the boat.

The spectators burst out laughing, which made the big guy very, very angry. His face was as red as a tomato when he turned around to face Ginny. âNow you are defiantly going down. And by down I mean overboard,â sneered the challenger.

After what seemed like ages of swinging and ducking and swiping and blocking, Ginny did her favourite move. The challenger took a swipe at her chest, but she blocked and began to turn her sword in circles forcing the challengers sword out of his hand and flying towards the door of the princes cabin just missing his head.

To finish off the fight once and for all Ginny pushed the champ to the ground and put her sword to his neck, âWhat were you saying about me going overboard?â. Everyone cheered and lifted Ginny up singing CHAMPION, CHAMPION.

The Prince

âAlrighâ thaâs enough. Back to work,â said the captain over all the noise.

âWhat must I do now?â asked Ginny. âYou can help the prince,â replied the captain, âCome with me.â âOk,â said Ginny following the captain.

âYe highness this is the new swordsman, Ginger.â âYour highness,â said Ginny uncertainly. The prince had shoulder length wavy brown hair and brown eyes and a really wonderful smile. He was strong and very handsome.

âOh so youâre the person who nearly took my head off?â he asked with a smile. âYeah, um well Iâm sorry about that,â said Ginny quietly, âI didnât see anyone there when I aimed.â âYou aimed? Well come with me I need your help with something you can also tell me where you learned to fight like that.â âOf course your highness,â said Ginny following him, âWell I was adopted by a very good swords man, and he taught me everything I know.â

âSo why are you going to Clanadean?â he asked. âFor a wedding.â âMe too. Bride or groom.â âBride,â said Ginny. âSame, but Iâve never met her. Sheâs never been to Zatora.â said the prince. âOhh really? I didnât even know they had a daughter until I got the invitation, How are they doing?â asked Ginny while she was polishing one of the princes mighty swords, âNot that itâs my business but I was once very good friends, still am, with the queen.â âWell if you are close to them thereâs no harm in telling you. The person the princess is getting married to, Josh, is a really nice guy. But his brother, Gregore, is not nice at all and Gregore wants to marry the princess. If she doesnât he and his men will destroy the whole of Zatora,â said the prince. âBut isnât there a way to stop him?â asked Ginny, âThe the princess wonât have to get married.â âHeâs too powerful, only the Earthprincess can stop him but no one knows where she is. They donât even think she exists,â said the prince rather sadly, âBut I believe.â Ginny got to know him very well, all except his name.

The Black Sailed Ship

While Ginny was scrubbing the side of the boat she saw a big wooden ship with big black sails coming towards them.

Suddenly a cannon ball came bolting towards her. She ducked and without knowing magically moved the cannon ball over the ship and it hit the water on the other side. The siren sounded, and everyone left their jobs and got ready for battle. The black sailed ship came up and put a plank over to Ginnyâs ship. A whole lot of pirates climbed onto the ship and began to fight the crew members. Swords and knives clanged and banged.

Ginny, Linda, Jess and Micaela split up and grabbed a sword each just encase they had to join in the fight. Linda and Micaela guarded the princeâs cabin, Jessica took the wheel and Ginny climbed the rigging to watch from the top and see which of her crew needed help.

A loud voice silenced the crowd, âYou can fight all you want Robin but you will never defeat me and my crew.â âGregore,â shouted the prince. Apparently Robin was his name, âWe can if we try.â Everyone started fighting again.

Ginny watched as Gregore came towards the rigging and began to climb. He climbed on to the bar that was holding up the main sail and walked towards the crowâs nest. âWell hello, Ginny,â said Gregore slyly His long black hair being kept down by his big scarlet pirates hat. Moving his hand across his scarlet coat towards his puffy pants drew a long silver sword, âStop fighting everyone.â Everyone stopped and looked up at Gregore and Ginny.

The Royal Battle

âDid you know you have an intruder on this ship?â he shouted to the crowd, âNo? Well look,â He said and ripped off Ginnyâs short black haired wig to reveal her long shinny blonde hair. Everyone let out a gasp. âYou see Ginger or should I say Ginny here is suppose to marry my brother, Josh the soon to be King of Zatora, but if sheâs dead then I become king,â he let out an evil laugh and started edging towards Ginny until she was at the very end of the plank.

âI didnât want to marry your brother anyway,â said Ginny. She suddenly jumped into the water thought really hard and turned invisible. Everyone crowed round the spot where Ginny had jumped in but all that came to the surface was her clothes. âYes! I have defeated Ginny and you know why Iâm so happy about it?â said Gregore happily, âBecause she is the Earthprincess.â

As Gregore was talking Ginny swam to the other side of the ship and used all her mind power to fly up behind Gregore as he said Earthprincess. âOr did you,â said Ginny smiling. âWho said that?â asked Gregore as he turned around so fast he nearly fell off, âShow yourself.â Ginny became visible again and nearly scared Gregore out of his skin, âYou see Iâm still here.â Gregore pulled a sword out of his coat and said, âFine I will kill you with my own hand.â âYouâll have to fight me first,â said Ginny making a sword appear from nowhere.

âThat will be easy,â said Gregore laughing. Ginny took the first swing and nearly cut Gregoreâs arm. It went on for a very long time both had cuts from the unfortunate miss judgements.

Everyone on the two ships were watching the great royal battle going on not even daring to blink.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Ginny with a cut on her cheek and Gregore with a cut on his neck said, âThis is the very end.â âYes,â said Ginny, âOf you!â As she said it she ducked just as Gregore took a final swing and he fell in the water.

His crew members got him out of the sea and retreated. Everyone cheered. âWow,â said Robin, âYouâre really good.â âThanks,â said Ginny. âSo what are you going to do now since there is no wedding,â asked Robin. âI think I want to tour Zatora,â replied Ginny, âI think it will be fun!â

âThat was the best battle ever,â said Jessica as she said good bye to Ginny. âIâll see you soon!â shouted Ginny as she disappeared into the sunset and began her adventures in Zatora.

The End

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