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Outline, Seventh Week
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The Thread Outline

Chapter 1

Vig 1

Nick Novak, P.I. For Hire

Chapter 1

• Detective Nick Novak takes a case of a missing teen.

• He questions the missing Diane Waters' parents as to why they didn't go to the police and why it took three days to contact someone for help.

• The detective finds clues in Diane's bedroom one of which was some phone numbers to LA. One number had a positive hope.

• A girl knew Diane superficially, but gave information where she may be found. Nick flew to LA and contacted the informant.

• He met some interesting people and became closer to finding the missing Diane's whereabouts. Several problems were incurred in the course of finding the girl all of which he surmounted..

Chapter #2

Vig 2

The P.I. Meets Some LA People

• On arriving in LA and learning Diane may be known at the Torrent restaurant, he made his way there to show Diane's picture.

• The owner and a pie maker, Mom, know her. They suggested she may be making porn films for Julio Gizzo, a mob figure who was film maker that probably used her. He brought her in the restaurant regularly to buy her pie.

• On searching for the porn studio from a tip from Mom, the pie maker, he ran into other mob figures that frightened him, as they appeared they may kill lim. He got his way free and went to the restaurant to make a deal with the people there. He wants them to call him on his cell if Diane is seen.

• Nick located Diane with Gizzo when the restaurant owner called him on his cell. He arrested Gizzo, but before turning him over to the police, he wanted
him to be treated for a wound he just incurred by a stranger
• While in the hospital, Gizo on learning a child had been left behind in a fire on the children’s ward to burn to death, went wild.

• A fireman told Nick that Gizzo heroically carried a child, by all odds destined to burn alive, to safety..

Chapter 3

Vig 3

Nick Hires Sandra, a Secretary

• Nick questions a secretary applicant about her belief in the Three Strikes and You are Out law.

• Sandra is hired, though she sees the law as being too harsh on some crimes, while Nick is all for being as strict as possible on criminals. He even sees hell as being great for them, but he has an about face seeing his suspect, Julio Gizzo save a boy from burning to death at his own risk.

• Now the detective has decided to go around seeking more mercy for crooks who commit small felonious crimes. He sees going to jail for 50 years for stealing some video tapes as being unmerciful, and he sees many other such sentencing as being unmerciful.

• Nick makes speeches all around talking up having more mercy in the courts, but he sustains plenty of opposition to the point of having his life threatened.

• The ACLU has told him they would back him up on his seeking more just sentencing for small time criminal action on part of suspects.

• Nick explains to whoever will listen that he was a Zero Tolerance adherent until he saw Gizzo save a boy from burning alive. He testifies that he has a new philosophy and believes in mercy for minor felonious offenses..

Chapter #4

Vig 4

The Detective Did Not Cease

• Nick is warned again and again too stop his pleading for more mercy when sentencing suspects who are accused of breaking legislative laws.

• Nothing stopped Nick from preaching mercy on minor felonious criminals.

• He was prohibited by a hearing by the Consumers Affairs Department to stop speaking against the legislative laws' punishment systems.

• Nick started writing letter instead of speaking; He wrote all judges, the Governor, and even the President of the United Sates.

• Nick even considered getting his teachings on the ballot. Some felonious crimes shouldn't have a strike attached, but some should..

Chapter 5

Detective Novak Relaxes

Vig 5

••Nick, worried, contacted the Consumers’ Affairs Department of Private Investigation to inquire if his license could be revoked for writing letters pleading for more mercy on minor felons.

• He was told that, no, his license could not be revoked for any legal action but only for illegal actions. Nick went on contacting public figures by mail and email; he received some favorable and some unfavorable responses.

• He pleaded with the legislature to create new laws making the sentencing of minor felons not punishable under the Three Strike Rule.

• Nick took a vacation to the 7,000 foot high, gleaming, pure, blue green, huge, Lake Tahoe in Nevada..

Chapter 6.

Vig 6

Nick Yields to Temptation

• Nick does have his license revoked, but could work on minor cases that he did, but yielding to temptation worked on a murder case.

• A jealous employee turned him in to the Consumer Affairs who had Nick arrested.

• He was sentenced to three years in prison.

• Very soon after serving only 60 days, the Stare of California's laws changed removing The Three Strike Law from minor felonious crimes.

• Nick was freed and celebrated..

Chapter 7

The Judicial System Underfire

• • Nick Novak, now released from jail goes back to taking cases.

• His first is that of an ex-convict seeking justice on the judicial system for putting him away for ten years.

• He stole a sweater from Macy's valued at $40 three different times totaling $120 in thefts.

• He was sentenced to ten years in the state prison..

Chapter 8

A Minor Wants Revenge

• Nick's new case regards a young boy who was raped in juvenile detention facility by a guard.

• He served 8 months for letting air out of a teacher’s car tires..

Chapter 9

Justice for a Molested Minor

• The young boy rape victim sees his assaulter in court.

• After eye witness' came forth, the guard was sentenced to prison for ten years. .

Chapter 10

Positive Proof

• A hit and run victim knows who hit his car but cannot prove it. He wants justice.

• Nick visits the address of the perpetrator, takes evidence from the vehicle that struck his clients' car.

• The paint from the perpetrator’s vehicle matched the clients' car.

• Enough evidence to prove the suspect was guilty.

• The suspect needed to pay for all damages..

Chapter 11

The Case of Cruelty to Animals

• A wealthy woman finds her Afghanistan! Dog dead of poison and wants justice.

• Novak puts a Wolfhound Dog he borrowed from his brother who owns a pet store on a leash, but with no one around near where the Afghanistan was stolen.

• Paying careful attention from his car quite nearby, he witnessed a person approaching the dog with something in his hand.

• Nick yelled, the man dropped the carton in his hand and ran. Nick caught him.

• The court found him guilty of animal cruelty and made him pay for the Afghanistan and serve three years in the state prison.

Chapter 12

• Nick’s taking on new cases was aborted by the ACLU wanting him to speak at a luncheon on his efforts to revise the Three Strikes Law.
• He closes his office and gives Sandra a vacation. He begins his writing the speech for the ACLU.
• The gist of the speech is a recap of his speaking engagement schedule.
• He mentioned the problems incurred as punctured tires, broken car windows, letter bomb, and a treat on his life if he continued preaching clemency.

Chapter 13
• While giving his speech to the ACLU, a messenger delivered a bouquet of flowers for Nick.
• An ACLU member put them in the kitchen sink of the hall. Within five minutes a hidden bomb within the flowers went off destroying the sink.
• Further speaking was curtailed, and the firemen were called.

Chapter 14
• Nick was disturbed at the attempts on his life, so he called the SFPD detectives and asked for help in locating his adversary.
• One of his old friends took Nick’s and began helping Nick in his search for his adversary.
• Nick discovered where the flowers were purchased and questioned the owner about who may have purchased such a bouquet.

Chapter 15 Self-induced crisis, Vignette 4

• Following the clues gotten from the flower shop owner, Nick headed to the home of the prosecutor for the state, Councilor Jeff Brads.
• On sneaking around the lawyers premises, Nick discovered some dynamite and some gun powder in a can.
• He called the SFPD Bomb Squad where he was known, and asked for advice.
• The bomb squad showed up at the State Prosecutor’s residence.

Chapter 16
• Nick was spotted by Jeff Brads, the councilor for the state.
• Jeff Brads was arrested for the possession of illegal explosives without a permit.
• The prosecutor threatened Nick before being taken downtown to be booked.

Chapter 17 Crisis two: Vignette 5.
• After two months, Nick received a telegram from San Quinten sent by Councilor Brads.
• I will be out within a year, and you had better be out of this state my man, said the message.
• Nick replied with a telegram of his own saying that Brad will be back in for a dozen years for making and attempting to carry out threats.

Chapter 18
• A visitor to Nick’s residence an assistance warden from the State Prison, San Quinten said he had read the telegram from Brads.
• The warden said not to worry, as the prison patrol board has a copy.
• Brads will most likely be in prison for, at least, five more years.

Chapter 19 Final crisis, Vignette 6.
• Nick reopened his office to take on more case work.
• Before he had a new client, however, he decided to never again meddle with the state legislator’ laws.
• He began to plan for a celebration of his returning to detective work.
• Even before he could get invitations out, he was apprehended by s few of Procreator Brad’s colleagues.
• These goons were going to break Nick’s kneecaps for having helped in Brad’s imprisonment.

Chapter 20
• An unmarked police vehicle following Nick’s abductors flashed their red light, but the criminals sped away.
• It wasn’t long, with the help of back up, that Nick was free, and the rest of Brad’s team were accompanying him in jail, so not there were four jail house mouth pieces.
• Nick increased his invitation list to his celebration party. He had more than a few reasons to do so.

Detective's Secretary

 Supporting Character: Sandra Jarvis  (13+)
Supporting character
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PE 3, Sketch Supporting Character, Willy  (ASR)
Janitor supports nick novak
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