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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Environment · #2013943
People are people ... mostly.

    Maple syrup is so yummy. But, who would think of drinking tree sap?
    People just take it for granted as they pore it out on their pancakes.
    Does anyone consider the violence they are doing to maple trees?
    Oh, they care about animals, like dogs, cats and .. goldfish.
    And chop down a forest for pencils and toilet paper.. What tree
    would want to be toilet paper?

    Yes, there is the rub!  If you can chop up a cord of wood for kindling,
    what else can you chop up? Life is very fragile at the end of an axe.
    It is the imbecility of our age to assume that all of nature exist for our
    pleasure and food. Did you ever write a letter in your blood?
    But, its okay to rip a pine up into number 2 pencils. Is it any wonder
    why our species is so violent?

    Nature demands violence for survival. The word People comes from
    a Roman Latin root plebian, meaning citizen. Trees are not citizens,
    because they do not participate in our electoral democracy. They are
    property. In ancient Rome, slaves were property for this reason.
    A slave had no legal rights, because they did not participate in the legal
    system. In our modern society, slavery can be more subtle for the
    working poor or third world countries.

    Nevertheless, these indentured servants are not as helpless as a forrest.
    A hundred years ago slavery was legal in the U.S.A. .. The logic was Roman
    and common place throughout western civilization. The Holy Bible advocated
    slavery and the submission of women to men. Incidentally, Leviticus states
    that non-Jews are property. The Jews are the chosen People.
    So, gentiles are property. Abraham took his slave girl to bed at his wife's
    request. Just a little more syrup for the master of the tribe.

    Genesis, describes Eve as a "help mate" for Adam. She was made from
    Adam's rib, like tapping maple syrup. God created Adam in his own image
    and Eve from Adam. .. But, how can a reasonable man eat his wife ?
    Putting aside the revealed word of God, by what right do rational people
    kill for food? ... Simple necessity is the answer.  All living organisms eat other
    living organism even vegetarians. ... I'm still puzzled how the Native American
    Indians figured out Maple Sap is good to eat. Maybe God told them, instinctively?

    Instinct is amazing. Every bird knows how to build a nest and we eat the bird
    and it's eggs.  Oh, the life of a chicken is devoured from egg to hen.
    Genesis tells of helping angels, who showed Adam&Eve how to live off the land
    after they were banished from Eden. I suppose the angels showed them how to
    make scrambled eggs with maple syrup.. or just fried chicken. Hmm.
    If there is a God, what does it eat;  probably, everything. Yikes! Were on God's

    Heaven is a slaughterhouse...
    I need a nap.


    Vertago ~~~
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