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Read about things in Clawdeen's point of view.
Owoooo! My name is Clawdeen, Monster High's fashion queen! I always know what looks good with what, and I am always setting amazing fashion statements. My ghoul friends are inspired by me, and that always makes my day. I am a terrorific ghoul, and I hope you enjoy this little story told by moi about our certain vampire ghoul friend.

It was a cold and rainy day at Monster High. I was flaunting my terrorific new shoes, decorated in sparkly gold sequins, and lots of glitter. Every monster was gaping at them. Everyone loves me and my fashion! But anyways, Draculaura was in the corner, looking at me funny. That's not Draculaura! She's usually there with me, showing off her new jewelry, commenting my style. But that day she was staying hidden in the shadows, looking at me like there was something incredibely wrong with me. "Yo Draculaura, what's up, ghoul friend?" I ask. Every monster in the hall looks at her. She gulps faintly and runs toward the Creepateria. Now, at that time I was freaking out. My beast ghoul friend wasn't going to haunt out with me? There was something wrong with that. I approached the Creepateria with caution. I needed the truth: what was she freaking out about. "Draculaura, what's wrong? This isn't like you." I asked. She was hiding under a table. Poor ghoul.

"I'm hiding from the truth: I have nothing new to show off!" Draculaura cried. I almost screamed, but I realized that would be rude so I just gasped. "My dad and mom are so poor! We spent all our money on this fancy dress I wore yesterday!" Draculaura whispered, crying.

"Oh, Dracci, you don't have to hide. It's ok. I won't judge you just because you don't have anything new to wear." She was still sobbing like pouring rain. I decided to say my big secret. "Just between you and me, these shoes are outdated. I haven't got anything new either. So I shined these old kicks up and wore them. Everyone thinks they are new, but I wore them a month ago." I said. I promised myself I wouldn't share that to anyone, but it seemed to help.

"Really?" She whimpered, wiping tears out of her eyes. I nodded. Draculaura smiled, and I sighed in relief. She was ok. "Well, in that case, let's falunt the old and go make the statement true: Old is new!" Draculaur said, pulling her 2 week old diamond necklace out of her purse.

For the rest of that day, we showed every monster that the old is new when you have passion in the item you are wearing. What a great tale! It's so terrorific! I hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as I loved telling it. See you monsters later. Owoooo!
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