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Teddy discovers a box that multiplies money

Word Count: 297

Magic Box

Teddy was given a Willy Wonka box full of candy for his birthday. After the candy was all eaten, he decided to put his money in it. Every time he put a dollar in the box he would have two dollars. He decided to experiment with the box. So he went to his mom and asked, "Mom, can I borrow ten dollars?"

"What for, dear?"

"I am doing an experiment."

Teddy's mother thought it was cute her son is doing an experiment and replied, "Yes of course." She handed him ten dollars and said, "Have fun."

"Thanks, mom."

He runs to his room, and puts the ten dollars in his magic box.

Teddy returned home because he forgot some money. Walking into the house, he went up the stairs to his bedroom. Grabbing under the bed for his box, he felt nothing. Shocked at this, he went all the way under the bed and found a piece of lint, a sock, and a candy bar wrapper. No box was found. Panicked, Teddy said to himself, "Who took the money?" He had his hand on his door knob to leave his room and the door opened with his mom standing there with his box in her hands. He asked, "Mom, why do you have my box?"

Shocked that she was caught, in a nervous voice she replied, "I'm sorry Teddy. You were so sad when you told the family at dinner about a month ago that our house is not haunted. I thought that if you thought your money was growing you would think your room was haunted and be happy about that."

"So, you are saying that you put the extra money in my box. It is not magic."

"No, Teddy. It is not. I am sorry."

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