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Our evolution is increasing faster than we see. Thinking we are more connected, but not.
For lack of attention
And lack of invention
They couldn't help it
Now we can't stop it
With mustered pretention

Living in the keyhole
The pretty lies are sold
Women of appetite eat
Cannibal spawn tweet
As our credits roll

Just out of light
In the shadow of right
Men counterfeit valor
Then duck and cower
Lacking a will to fight

Fast forward life time
Wonder past its prime
Cut and paste history
To create a mystery
Of victimless crime

Remember what to say
Regurgitate yesterday
We salted the earth
And lost its worth
We lost our way

Alone in the corner
The facts adorn her
Through rise and fall
Truth awaits us all
As we learn her cure

Folly laughing loud
The trashy and proud
Can't see it there
Behind the despair
Death with its crowd

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