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ever wondered how Alex got the way he did? well, here you go!
Alex comes from a family of engineers and scientists. Alex's dad was one of the top engineers, and his mom was an outstanding scientist. Both of their families had a long history of being business partners, with the scientists helping the engineers and vice-versa.

Alex was a twin, sharing the third child spot. His older brother was named Max, and often isolated himself in his room. Max was muscular and had brown hair, matching his father. May was the second child, born a twin of Max. May helps around the house most times, but during the day, she would study science, even at an early age. She was thin, had brown hair, and she had a delicate touch with everything. Both were 8 years older than Alex.

Alex's twin was named Sarah. She was thin, like May, and had brown hair. However, her scientific expertise didn't match Mays. In Alex's family, most of the boys were engineers, while the girls were scientists. However, Sarah and Alex were good at both. The difference is, Alex was more mechanically inclined, and Sarah was more biologically inclined.

Sarah's interests showed immediately. Alex, however, didn't quite show the interest his parents hoped, and would often play videogames rather than want to research or build things. However, his interest changed when he was 5.

His mom and dad had taken May and Max out shopping, and Sarah was at a friend’s house, which meant Alex was home alone. When his parents came home, they found Alex had gone through many drawers and cabinets he didn't normally, there were several spots in the back yard that looked like they had been dug up, and Alex was gone. They later found him in the nearby park, seeming to be looking for something.

For the next month, Alex acted strangely, seeming distant and having a particular interest in Pikmin, even though he was never told what it was. His behavior went back to normal after about 30 days, but now he had an interest in technology, especially experimental simulators.

He played games differently, seeming to explore technical aspects of the game rather than actually trying to complete it. He'd often work on simulators while playing games, as if trying to link them together. He was like this for years, seeming to be working on a puzzle no one else could see.

When he was 9 years old, he got a new brother and sister, once again twins. Emily was first, then Zack. Alex didn't see them very often because he was so focused on whatever project he was working on.

On his 10th birthday, Alex got a new videogame: Pikmin 3. He was ecstatic over getting this game, especially since it meant a new console for him to work with. However, something was off about this game. Pikmin 3 had one story mode, one profile, and a bunch of bonus levels you can buy. After Alex finished the game, he discovered a new mode, one that ran parallel to a dream he had.

He was in the pikmin world...but it wasn't the same. There were the 3 captains, but there was a way to play as the captains from pikmin 2 instead...and there were humans. The game was easy to progress through, as it had an unusually straight-forward line of play: no side paths, no side objectives, just the main path and the previous paths.

When he completed that mode, a new mode unlocked: one that allowed him to play the game with himself as the main character. It was hard, confusing, and mentally draining...and it didn't feel quite real. He woke up in his room, his head throbbing. No one was home. He tried to get up, but a loud noise scared him, and he ended up passed out.

He was in a coma for a week. When he woke up, he had no memory...except for one: an unexplainable desire to get into the virtual world. He forgot all about playing videogames, preferring to work countless hours in his basement, working on simulators that he created. He looked into the machinery, decoding the millions of 1's and 0's that made up binary code.

Finally, he reached a conclusion. All the data was a cover that hid the one place he wanted to get to: the Virtual world. Using an advanced program, he was able to create a link that connected every virtual world to one place, a place he called the Virtual hub.

May and Max had both started working, and Sarah was constantly working on a way to regain Alex's memories. Zack and Emily helped Alex in any way they could, but he knew it was useless. He found a way to break the sound barrier, and found that by doing so, he could modify a hologram to become a portal.

When he was 15, Alex tested this theory...and it worked. Sarah had a friend, Lilly, who was obsessed with electronics, and gladly took the chance to go into the virtual world when Sarah offered. A miscalculation Alex made caused the links into the virtual worlds to be unstable, causing a malfunction that almost caused Lilly permanent harm. Alex had to close the Virtual hub then, in order to prevent other possible incidents.

However, he got an idea. Since he lost his memory, there was a simulator that had caught his eye, one that presented a way to travel through the world in a teleportation-like way, by using other dimensions as quick-traveling methods. The project was deemed a failure when it was discovered that the machine had multiple overloading possibilities, but that didn't stop Alex.

Using the simulation, he built a trans-dimensional machine, which he called the dimension hoper. When he had finally completed it, he decided it was time to see how effective it could be. However, a thunderstorm caused the machine to malfunction, and he ended up in the pikmin world.

And that, is how Alex got the way he is today...

this is my first attempt at creating a background story...so, how do you think I did? please review, I always appreciate it! Thanks, bye!
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