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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2014220
A small transformation story I wrote mainly for practice. Based on some MUGEN characters.
It was another tough day in the eternal M.U.G.E.N. fighting tournament. Today saw the sword-swinging son and spell-slinging daughter of a wandering warrior facing off against a most unlikely opponent: the electronic singing sensation Miku Hatsune.~0~

The young swordsman started off strong with a wave of quick sword combos, but he soon found that the Vocaloid had some nasty combos of her own as she countered with swift kicks and strikes from her sword-like leek. Behind them, the girl tossed firebombs and ice magic, trying to keep Miku on the defensive.~1~

The competitors seemed evenly matched; one moment the boy was casting quickfire magic spells and smashing into Miku at high speed with his magic carpet, and the girl was swinging her staff and freezing her solid with magic; and the next moment Miku was leaping around unleashing powerful drill kicks, sending both of them sprawling with leaping strikes and battering them with falling Vocaloid dolls summoned from the sky. All of their stamina was being whittled away and all three were becoming weak. But Miku had been sneakily building up her energy to fire off her ultimate attack. It was sure to end the battle decisively!~2~

The first the warrior's son knew about his opponent's secret attack was when an unusally heavy Miku doll fell from above and landed on his head, stunning him. The surrounding world seemed to fade and be replaced by shimmering blue pricked with stars. "Here it is, my true power! Ultimate Secret Miku Attack: Wedding Day Bliss!" Miku struck a pose with one hand extended in the air and cried, "Love Energy!" Still dazed from the impact, the boy could do nothing as his whole body began to glow white, brighter and brighter until with a spherical swoosh of sparkling pink energy, he was instantly transformed!~3~

His messy, spiky blond hair had become neat and smooth, pulled into twin low braids behind his ears. The light blue tunic that covered down to his shins had been reshaped into what was more obviously a dress, with a defined, slightly flared skirt area that was a little shorter, so you could see his knees. Despite the somewhat more tailored look, the garment remained a simple and plain piece of flat cloth. The baldric and belt around his waist had disappeared completely. The long, dark blue cape around his neck and shoulders was the same, but for that it had become scarlet red instead. His wrists were adorned with simple tied red ribbons, and he wore a red gemstone as a pendant which was clearly of adult size, as it hung to his waist. In his hand he still clutched his same sword. His other hand was held up to his collarbone in a shy and unmistakably feminine pose.~4~

Yes, he had been transformed – into a girl!~5~
His age and general appearance were still the same, but he was clearly now a female version of himself, even down to his apparel, as if he had been born as a girl. Even his personality had seemingly changed, as evinced by his delicate pose and the uncharacteristic emotional responses to the situation that came to him.~6~

Too shocked to react right away, the hero's son – or rather, daughter – could merely stare at herself, and then at Miku. There was a big gasp as the hero's (other) daughter saw her new sister, but then that girl faded away, closed out by the blue veil.~7~
Now alone with Miku in the world as it seemed, the former boy suddenly began to feel very drowsy. She blinked heavily as her shimmering blue surroundings and Miku seemed to shift and fade away. She thought she fuzzily saw the Vocaloid raise her arms up high as everything darkened, and then her eyes drooped closed for just a moment longer than a blink – and when they opened again, everything was different.~8~

She was standing in a beautiful chapel, her sword somehow no longer in her hand but put away on her back instead. Bright sunlight streamed warmly through the ornate windows, illuminating the many flowers that had been placed all around. The scene was quite breathtaking. She blinked, and suddenly someone else was there, by the large doors at the other side of the room. It was a boy, seemingly about the same age as her, with shoulder-length dark brown hair in a ponytail and green travelling clothes with a yellow cape. He began to walk slowly towards the altar, which the confused new girl was standing next to. As he moved, he lifted his head and smiled as he caught her eye. Bewildered, she still had no idea what to do. She blinked again, and now the boy was standing right next to her, facing the altar behind her. The previously empty pews were now filled with people; men and women, young and old. She turned around to see there was even a priest behind the altar.~9~

Now they were both facing the same way, she saw the boy turn his head to look at her, and she automatically did likewise. Their eyes met again, and he smiled gently again. This time, being so close, she was able to notice his handsome features, the kindness in his smile, and his eyes... his deep, dark eyes, the kind you could fall into and drown in. He's... kinda cute... she realised, then immediately blushed slightly at the thought. As she struggled with her conflicting feelings, she noticed a low droning sound. The moment had changed, and it seemed the sound was the priest speaking, though the words were strangely unintelligible. Now she and the boy were facing each other completely, standing close together. As she listened to the speech, she looked into his eyes again, and in a flash, she suddenly understood its meaning even without being able to hear the words.~10~

The church, the flowers, the people, the priest... and the boy. This was a wedding. Her wedding. She felt a furious blush come to her cheeks as she realised she was the bride. She felt the boy take her hands in his and looked down dumbly to see a ring with a blue stone shining on her finger. She looked up again, and saw that lovely smile, and then he was holding her close in his arms. She felt such warmth from him, so close... and such tenderness too. Her face was burning as he briefly played with one of her soft blonde braids with one hand. Then she looked into his eyes once more – those wonderful, beautiful eyes – and was struck dumb all over again. He, too, was gazing raptly into her wide, blue eyes. Slowly, almost involuntarily, their faces came together... and their lips met at last as he kissed her, his beautiful bride. Not just her face but now her whole body felt hot, and she felt faint as her heart thumped hard in her chest. Is this... love? she wondered weakly. She realised now... it felt good. It felt amazing. Warm, pure happiness was spreading through her, leaving a wonderful tingling all the way to the tips of her fingers.~11~

In his arms, the legendary hero closed her eyes, finally accepting the kiss that sealed marriage. There was the sound of applause, and the slow, joyous ringing of a big bell. The moment felt eternal.~12~
And in that moment, embracing the bursting love flowing through her young girl's heart... the king's daughter finally understood the true meaning of Wedding Day Bliss.~13~

And Miku's giant leek came down on the girl's head with a huge crash, instantly ending the transformation and sending him shooting into the stratosphere. The huge power made the leek explode, knocking Miku herself down and leaving her somewhat sheepish as the world of blue faded to white and the two fighters were back in the arena, the boy flat on the ground and clearly out of the fight due to leek-induced blunt trauma. Without her brother to hold the front line and still in shock from what she had just seen, the sister was quickly overpowered by Miku with the last of her energy.~14~
Worn out but happy, the Vocaloid beamed and gave a victory sign as she was declared Winner of the match.~15~

In an exclusive post-match interview, Miku revealed that her secret attack made a small 'dimension' that was outside of regular time. An outside observer would only witness a quick flash and then her opponent on the ground. Normally only her and her opponent would be pulled into it, but in this match, the sister had been near enough to her brother to also end up inside for just a moment before returning to normal space. While the attack had continued without her, to her it seemed like all three of them had been released at the same time.~16~
Miku continued that originally the move had been called "Cinderella Romance", after her song of the same name. She explained how it would transform her opponent: "It's a bit like the story of Cinderella, you see? Boys get to become girls, like Cinderella becoming the princess. Girls get to have a fancy new outfit for the same reason."~17~
Finally, she gave the details of the current incarnation of the attack: "I changed it to 'Wedding Day Bliss' after someone who didn't understand Japanese called it that because it gives me a wedding dress if I use it on myself, and also because of the outfit I wore in the AMV for my song 'Cinderella Romance'. The misnaming gave me an idea for an extra component to the attack which would hypnotise my opponent after transforming them, making them dream they were getting married. That kind of keeps the theme with the Cinderella angle, you know? Of course, a wedding is always happiest for the bride, so they would have to be in that role! Eheh... Anyway, the purpose of that part is so they stay still and don't try to fight back while I... um... make a giant leek to hit them with." She scratched her cheek embarrassedly, "I know, I know, that part's not as impressive..."~18~

Meanwhile, two exhausted children hauled themselves out of the arena and onto the road.~19~
"What... was that?" the girl broke the awkward silence, still stunned. Her brother shook his head dazedly, in a similar condition.~20~
"I have no idea... It was crazy..." As he answered, he recalled the dream he'd been given, and the things he'd felt, and suddenly blushed hotly.~21~
"Listen, sis, about what happened... please don't tell anyone about it, okay?" he begged hastily, and immediately wished he hadn't as he saw a mischievous light come into his sister's eyes at his words.~22~
"Well, you looked really cute as a girl..."~23~
"Please!" he implored desperately, but she just giggled and skipped ahead of him on the path, then turned around to tease some more.~24~
"I bet Mommy would be really interested to know what a pretty girl you made! And now that I think about it, it would be really fun if you could be my sister again some time. I wonder if Daddy could find a spell for that somewhere..."~25~

And so the sounds of laughter and pleading faded into the distance as the twins made their way towards their next battle... wherever it may be.

"Still, it could be worse... I'm just glad she doesn't know what I saw in there..."
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