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The story of a princess who no one likes at all... until they find out she has magic.
Chapter One

Princess Emerald stared down the gravel path. Only a few more steps and she'd be at the library stairs. But was she ready? She was not sure if she was ready to show her face again after that rampage. The city had turned against her, and she felt horrible. The librarian, Misty, was ok, but what if there were others in the library? Emerald looked at the marble pillars holding the library awning up in a fancy way. Emerald took a step forward. She was going to take the plunge.

The old library doors creaked loudly as the young princess nudged them open. Misty was at the counter, writing a document on her laptop. As soon as Misty saw emerald, she gestured for the princess to come. Emerald's small glass high heels tapped on the tile floor. Tap, tap, tap. When Emerald approached the counter Misty yanked the princess behind the counter. The twenty year old librarion and the eleven year old princess plopped on the floor.

"Emerald, this isn't safe. You should leave. There's SAKIRA." Misty warned. Emerald gasped. Sakira? Sakira was that show-off goody-two-shoes witch who thought she was better than everyone. Emerald remembered the reason she had come to the library: to work on the story she was writing on the library computers.

"But Misty, I really want to work on that book. It would be a great addition to your shelves. Isn't there a disguise I can use?" Emerald asked, peeking out from under the desk. Sakira was close by. When Sakira looked over, Emerald flew back down, her straight, brown, shiny hair flying.

"Well, I do have an extra pair of clothes in my bag: in your size! I had a feeling you'd come so I thought it'd be safe to back a disguise from the citizens." Misty said, grabbing her backpack. It was a beautiful, silvery grey mixed with a golden yellow: a worn-out version of Emerald's school bag.
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