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This newsletter for Flair For Writing is about black cats.
Cute black face kitten and pumpkin.
Black Cats Newsletter
Editor: Megan Rose Princess Megan Rose
Assistant Editor: Angel Angel

Hello Everyone! How are you? Are you ready for Halloween? I have my orange pumpkins and white pumpkins on the porch, I have stuffed black cats out, Dancing Frankenstein out and vampire Barbie out. I am ready for Halloween. Angel is a fan of Halloween as well. We wanted to do a newsletter about black cats. She has had a black cat and I have a tortoise shell black cat named Bella whose brother is a black cat but I don't have him. I wish I did sometimes. I love cats. I would like to have a black cat but I do love my Bells. Angel loves her striped cat Goldie. Black cats get a bad rap. We are going to tell you about it. Here goes.

A black cat is a domestic cat with black fur that may be mixed or a specific breed. The Cat Fanciers association says there are 22 breeds of black cats. Most black cats have yellow eyes. A solid black cat may be coal black. A black cat having white roots is known as a "black smoke." Don't black cats seem to have a mystery about them?

All types of Folklore have their own stories of black cats. Scottish believe a black cat in a home is prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the Cat Sith takes the form of a black cat. Black cats are considered good luck in Japan. A lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors. In western history, black cats are looked upon as bad omens. They are considered to be familiars of witches or the witch's pet. A black cat was considered demonic. Sometimes black cats were killed because of this in Medieval times. How could they be so cruel and wrong?

Fishermen's wives like having black cats for pets because they thought they would protect their husbands who were out on the sea. Egyptians loved black cats They believed that they would be blessed by the Goddess Bast for having black cats as pets. Look at the statues you see of black cats in Egyptian movies and books? Cats used to run wild along the Nile River. I haven't read this but I bet Egyptians had black cats for pets.

An English Monarch Charles thought his black cat bought him good luck. After his black cat died, he was arrested for treason the next day. Did the black cat keep him lucky when he was alive?

Pirates of the 18th Century believed that a black cat crossed your path, you would have bad luck. If a black cat walked unto a ship and off again, the ship was doomed. Black cats aren't allowed to be adopted at Halloween in some areas because they may be abandoned after Halloween or killed by Devil's Occults. Angel and I hope this isn't true..

The color of the black cat has been associated with anarchism. Some companies use a black cat symbol that means sabotage. This, too is silly.

Some famous black cats:
1. Socks, Clinton's cat
2. Felix The Cat
3. Sylvester {Tweety Bird's Friend?}
4. Gobbolino, the Witch's Cat

Didn't the mean in The Smurfs have a black cat? You see pictures of witches with black cats. What would Halloween be without a black cat? Cats are a favorite part of Halloween for me.

Angel has a black cat story to add. I hope you will love it. Thanks.


Once long ago, there was a black cat named Maxi. He found a new family who took him in. He was very sweet and loved to be held by his human Dad but his human parents let him go outside. He would roll and roll in the Varanda. One day, they decided to adopt a small tiger cat and they named her Molly. Maxi wasn't happy having her in his family. He was a jealous cat and he wanted all the attention. One day, he finally accepted his new sister. She was okay now after he got to know her.

One night, Roger outside and a stripped cat came along and walked up to him. She wanted a home and attention. He talked to her and was nice to her. Roger went back into the house and the cat followed him in. He was surprised that this cat made herself at home. He called a neighbor about the cat and then took her to the vet to get a check up and shots. She became part of his family. He named her Goldie but she was very shy. Maxi was so angry that he would attack her while she was sleeping or eating. He started to pee on the walls. He became a Halloween cat with a bad attitude. He was angry that his Dad bought this cat into his house and life. Maxi was always in trouble. His Dad would tell him to Stop It! Quiet! Get out of here you rotten cat! Maxi would run amok all over the house.

He would sneak behind Goldie and attack her. This happened every single day. The Halloween Cat Maxi got a new nickname. Pee Pee Head. He peed almost 3 to 4 times a day and not in his box or outside. One day, Albert, another male cat came along. Maxi was unhappy and angry. Maxi would attack him and Albert didn't want to be around him. Roger was in the kitchen and he heard cats growling. Maxi and Albert were fighting. Roger got a bucket of water and poured it on the cats. There was blood on Maxi and he got a big sore on his butt. They took him to the Vet. The vet said he was bitten by Albert. Albert was trying to protect himself. The town said Maxi had been attacking other cats for no reason. They said if he didn't stop, they would have to file a complaint against him. You know what they will do to him? They will send him to Doom Town. They hadn't had a bad cat in this town for a 100 years. Maxi didn't change his attitude. He was arrested and sent to Doom Town for the rest of his life. The story is true but just got changed a bit.

Thank you for reading this silly story. I changed it a bit. LOL! Thank you!

Thank you, Angel. I know you had Maxi until he got sick and departed this earth.

Angel and I hope that you love black cats and don't fear them. They have a mystery about them and a lot of love to give. We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter as well. Have a safe and happy Halloween. Give some love to a black cat.

Images done by Angel:
Another black cat image by Angel.
Cute picture of black kittens and a pumpkin.
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Black cat image by best friend Angel.

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