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by Nikki
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A boy is in love with a girl that he's been dating for years.
                   Will She?
She's crazy beautiful. She's got big brown eyes, ones that you can get lost in. Along with long brown hair, you can run your fingers through. She's got a smile you can hear through the telephone. It's bright and lights up her face when she wears it. Her laugh is a delightful melody. She says she's a rebel, but she's way too sentimental. Though she can be sassy when needed, she remains sweet as can be. She's got a witty sense of humor, one to laugh along with.
         I feel lucky to call her mine. I can/t believe that I got her. She's my dream girl, all I've ever wanted. I don't want anyone else. She makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. She gives me butterflies, even to this day. I get goose bumps from her touch. I blush just thinking about her. She's not like other girls, which makes me love her even more. Yes, I said love. It may be a powerful word, but I have strong feelings about her. I just hope she says yes when I propose.

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