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what's really going on in someone's head?
as I look at the paper, blank before me
I think to myself: how did I get so lonely?
no one to guide me in a endless gloomy night
no one to save me from the things that cause me fright.

as I stare at the screen, the curser blinking motionless
I ask myself: is all of this really worth it?
is it worth being empty, devoid of all feeling
if the thing that you feel is a life without meaning?

laying in bed, deep in thought
I speak the words: what gifts have I brought?
have I given my all, or what little I have
or am I just clinging on, despite all the bad?

when I look at myself, I see an empty soul
and I wonder to myself: what is this all for?
but when nothing is blank, and it becomes all clear
I realize there is a reason I'm here.

when I look at the faces that look back at me
some I see hate in, others I see glee
but the faces of my friends, or the people who hold my hand
they're the reason I live, they remind me...who I am.

this is my first real try at a poem...so, how did I do?
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