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A stroy that im going to continue writing,i'd like to know peoples opinon, ignore mistakes
The year is 2030, the world as we know it had changed for the better. Use of Guns or any military weapon was forbiden, instead to settle their differences people used Swords, Axes, or even bows to demonstrate  their skills, but what was really interesting is that these battles did not under go in our world, but in a cyber world where even if a person was struck by the deadlyist of blows that person would just be teliported out unharmed. This technoligy was created in Japan by Takashi Senchi in the year 2014, little did he know that by doing so he had also created an artifishial  replica of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail was a challece so great that drinking even a sip from it would grant you but one wish. Governments around the globe took matters into their own hands to try and obtain the Grail, but none were successful  in the end. A tournament was agreed to be held every 15 years and the winner would be granted anything they desired by the Grail. There was just one catch to it. Partisapants must be aged between thirteen and nineteen, there were many speculations to why this was the case, the main one these of course was that younger generations tend to be easier to minipulate so government could easly control what the outcome could be. The first Tournment was held in 2015 U.S.A, The winner was none other than Yamato Takaa of Japan, he wished for eternal youth which to his advantege ment he could enter the tournment every 15 years there was no rule which denied him acsess.

Around the same time of the creation of the cyber world a new ore was discoverd in England, the ore seemed to bring forth a special energy in the human body, the energy itself was given the name Mana. The ore was used to create weapons such as Swords, axe's etc... By doing so a person weilding a weapon created buy such an ore was able to use mana to perform a special ability unique to them, some people being able to summon un-dead beings to aid them in combat others had the ability to enlarge or even change the form of their weapon, But each persons ability was determined by an event that acred during his or her life so far.

The tournment was yet to be held again this year in Japan due to the fact the last winner Yamato originates from there, Two million youths were registered to enter this years tournment, Including Sixteen year old Rufus, what was often seen as odd about him was that he didn't exel in any of the techniques a warrior could specialise in, he was aften given the title as the rounded warrior, this was because his speed, stamina, strengh, mana production and defenceive power were all on par with each other, Because of this this his farther created him a sword to benefit his rounded ability. A sword which was large but not to heavy, Orange protection gems to enhance his defenceive power were incrusted into the handle of the blade, he also wore light leather armor and a hood which gave him the advantage of being able to move around more freely and faster. The sword itself was Blood red with and orange handle with a sideways X marked where the blade and the handle would meet. Rufus's farther was a Blacksmith of the holy church and always put his hope in his son which is way the blade was given the name Edens Hope.
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