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you know Alex's story, but what about Sarah? well, this is it!
Sarah is Alex's twin, the middle child in a set of 6. Max, her older brother, often isolated himself in his room. Sarah was curious about technology, and would often bombard Max with questions. Max eventually just locked his door so she couldn't get in. May, on the other hand, was a bit more social. May would help around the house, and whenever Sarah had the opportunity, shed help out too...though often, Sarah got in the way since she didn't know any better.

Sarah noticed that Alex lacked an interest in technology or science, even though it ran in the family. however, Lilly loved technology, and loved science even more. from an early age, she worked to study bio-engineering, figuring out ways to change cells in a way that benefits her. while Alex preferred technology, Sarah preferred biology.

Sarah would often try to perk Alex's interest, but he cared more about videogames than science or technology. when Sarah was 5, she went to a friends house for the night. her bright and perky personality gave her the benefit of making friends easily...unfortunately, it also meant she was sensitive. during a fight with her brother, Sarah's friend asked her for help...but Sarah broke down instead, not knowing how to deal with anger, or stress. she was picked up early, only to find that Alex was missing. she broke down again and wouldn't come out of her room.

it took a month for her to fully calm down, but she was back to her old self in no time. she would help Alex, who was now interested in simulators, and would often work on things for memory.

at 9 years old, Sarah got a new set of siblings, Emily and Zack. Zack took more interest in technology, but Emily was interested in science, and would try to help Sarah the best she could. a year later, Alex got a new game, and Sarah decided to test out an experiment...big mistake.

a simulator gone wrong caused an alarm to go off in her mom and dad's lab, and may and max went with them to check it. Sarah, alone with Alex, decided to leave him to his game and run to a friends house. when she came back, she scared Alex on accident, causing him to hit his head and pass out.

years went by, and Sarah continuously worked on Alex's memories. at age 15, she even went with him as he tested a new experiment, and saw him through the crisis with Lilly. a year later, he disappeared, and she spent all summer isolated, lost without Alex...she hasn't trusted him the same way since.
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