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This is one of my favorite pieces Couldn't think of a good title though, suggestions?
Have you ever had the feeling of impending doom? That your mind is just a ticking time bomb minutes away from self-destruction, sucking away at any hope or dream until it is in the black hole that is the void of your soul?
Any second the world could come to an end or the ground could swallow you whole, fall to the floor in a heap from a blood clot to the brain.
Opportunities dry up and are instantly fall away, like sand slipping through your fingers. Extravagant memories let free to parade and trample all over your mortality.
Your mortality growing ever more defined as your mind plots the different way to reap its security in your self-destruction.
Funny how security can be found in complete chaos of your own downfall? Maybe its more controlled then we think, perhaps it's a purge of foul smelling emotion we keep bottled up without expiration dates.
Caught like a fly in a web, panic and despair coursing its way through your stomach fighting only gets you tangled and twisted until you are stuck fast... no, better to let it run its course.
ONE.... Solitude, Isolated, alone....one

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