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Pumpkin Head Man looks for a sacrifice for his Father

36 lines

Pumpkin Head Man

With an orange head and fire eyes,

The loner stalks the night alone.

Surrounded by the air filled Sloan.

The music announces his walk.

Creeping on the unsuspected,

Music distracts undetected.

The victim is so into Sloan.

Not caring where it is coming from,

Echoing sound with his drum.

He stalks toward the lonely man.

Raising his arm with a hammer.

As his arm comes down he stammers.

Come, my pretty, I have found you.”

Dropping the drum, there was no chance,

Nowhere to run or even dance.

The Pumpkin Head man continued,

To drag the victim to his hole.

Now to destroy his victim’s soul.

Looking at his beautiful face,

Wanders towards his beating heart,

The thump, thump is the call to part.

The victim stirs and looks around.

With blurry vision he sees black,

To the night he says, “No more smack.”

Feeling groggy, a blur comes close.

A voice says, “This is your last night.”

Feeling numb with fear he sees light.

Pumpkin head is close to his face.

Gift to the dark one, named Father.

Time preparations are a bother.

This is a life for you Father,”

To heal and grow in more power.”

Continue on strong and devour.”

Thunder crackled and lightening came.

The Pumpkin Man fell to the ground.

Sacrifice accepted was sound.

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