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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Entertainment · #2015036
Go ask a talking bobble head..
I have been asked this question in many ways.

Usually, the answer is unimportant . I've come to

a realization that most conversation are just bluster.

The old men sit together and talk about politics and sports.

The young people chat or tweet about .. who knows what.

And the world is slowly turning to poop.

Muzzy sits on a panel of talking bobble heads. Each guest has

an opinion. Nobody can agree on anything, as the world turns

to poop. Why? Well, sometimes there is no answer.

That's defeatist. Oh, well.

Along time ago in the desert. A small tribe decided that they were

God's chosen people. So, anyone who disagreed with them was

toast. Let me make this crystal clear. These desert Bedouins are

taken as Gospel by modern politicians. Not because of their logic,

but because of their revealed truth. Such as, killing other tribes

who disagree with them.

A very cute lawyer and spokesperson; chirps on about the cruelty

of these Bedouins in current avents. Muzzy points out that this is

Old Testament warfare. She asks if he approves of these savages.

Muzzy of course doesn't. He was raised in a peaceful neighborhood

not a warzone. .. "What if the police called in an airstrike on a violent

gang neighborhood? Would you approve of such tactics in America?"

Muzzy queries.

Of course she doesn't. This is a war on terror in the Middle East.

The United States would never blow up an American city.

The lovely leggy reporter bats her eyes at Muzzy as she remarks

on his Jewish heritage and the need to defend Israel. ..

Muzzy is reminded of the movie Fail Safe and how quickly an American

city can be blown up by its own government. But, that's just fiction.

9/11 has taught us that although our government could not stop it;

it blew up Iraq in less than a month. Even though Iraq did not sponsor the

attack of 9/11. .. It was an example to those who did .

Over 200,000 Iraq civilians were killed and a new democracy was begun

from the rubble. .. Muzzy paused in his redactive history.

The cute Spanish lady continued, "If the base in Iraq had been kept there

we would not have this anarchy now!"

Muzzy sipped a glass of water. .. He agrees that the region is unstable

and more bombing is needed to support democracy. She smirks and crosses

her legs for a camera shot. Muzzy continues to assert that the terrorist can blend

in with the peaceful citizens. . The only answer to fanaticism is vigilance and

reeducation.. The jester in the circle remarks, "Do you want a Soviet Union?"

Muzzy nods, "I'd rather negotiate with a commie than a messiah."

They all chuckle as the world turns to poop.



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