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Holly is a normal five year old girl, till she moves to a house haunted by a little girl.
Holly is the average five year old. Red-headed, sweet, ball of energy. She never stopped, literally running everywhere. Her parents Mr. And Mrs. Robbin had quite the time keeping up with her. There was a day when Holly wanted to go to the park but her mother refused. Holly, in a fit of anger, opened the front door and stormed out. Her mother left the stove on and called her husband to help chase her. In all the commotion, Mrs. Robbin didn't notice she had left her oven mitt on the stove. It quickly caught fire. By the time they got home, the fire department had arrived and put out most of the fire. There was, unfortunately only so much they could save. Most of it was lost to the fire. They stayed with family for two weeks and Mr and Mrs. Robbin decided to move all together. The house wasn't the classic haunted house. It had the look but not the color. It was painted two shades of beige and had orange windowsills. Holly didn't like it too much. She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.

A few weeks later Mrs. Robbin hosted a house warming party, inviting the entire neighborhood. What a grievous mistake. During the party, Holly wandered off by herself, getting bored of playing with all the 'nice girls' and their dolls. The only room she hadn't been was the attic. She decided to head up there. To her suprise, she only saw boxes and a single chair holding a doll. She looked at the doll. It wasn't frighting, except for the fact one eye was broken. It was quite plain actually. A frilly white dress and brown curly hair. She placed the doll on the chair and opened a box. Nothing but her baby clothes. When she turned she was met face to face with a little girl, about her age with stitched eyes and lips. She was wearing a dress matching the doll's, which she was holding. In her other hand she was holding an axe. It was stained with dried blood and beginning to rust. "He shall have his child." Many years ago, long before Holly was born, when her parents got married her mother could not have children due to an accident she had when she was young. After years of hostpital visits, voodoo people and the general horrors of trying to have children, a man appeared at their door, hood over his head and and an eerie darkness around him. He said he'd be able to help. The Robbins weren't too sure about him but they were desperate. Nine months later Holly arrived. The mysterious man only asked to look at the child when she was born. He then disappeared. An unnoticeable word appeared on Holly's back, cursing her. What the Robbins didn't know was that they literally made a deal with the devil.Holly had already tried to open the locked door and was now crying in the corner. "He shall have his child." She repeated. She appeared in front Holly and put the axe in her hand. She wrapped her cold fingers in Holly's hair and chin. She smiled. Her smile widened and so did her eyes, till the thread ripped. She let out the breath of an old woman. "He will always have what is his." She whispered. She snapped Holly's neck without a second thought. She was finally free. She passed over. Since an empty body lay there, lost souls fought to get in. Eventually one got in. The person who killed the little girl who snapped poor Holly's neck, send her over. He was going to kill everyone. "But not the children." He said. He tiptoed downstairs, carrying the chair with him. Only minutes have passed. He tapped a lady standing in the kitchen on the shoulder. He pulled her to an empty room and bashed the chair over her head. He ripped a wooden plank out of the floor and collected some scattered nails and put them through the thin plank. He hit the lady over and over, till it was hard to tell what she used to look like.

Hours later, several bodies lay mutilated all over the house, including Holly and her parents. Scarred children hid in the bathroom. One of them called the police. When the police arrived all they could do was take away the bodies and put the children into the foster care system. Even after years of investigating no one could ever find a motive for Holly to hurt anyone much less her own family. They kept it rational. No one even considered that it might have been a demonic possession. So the case was never solved.
I for one would not go to my attic. Just in case.

*Author's note: This has finally been completed (and with two days
to spare!)*
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