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this is an article to shine a light on owning pets.
The Pets We Love*Dog1*

By Lisa Noe*Cat2*

Pets, what can you say, we’ve got to have them, they make life worth living.

Or at least they add a little something to it anyway. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person you have to say there is just nothing like the feeling of coming home after a hard day at the office to a little critter loving and jumping all over you, smothering you with lots of love.  Maybe you’re the type that has a bird or a fish, that’s nice but nothing like the joy of having the little fuzzy bugger in your arms.  You feed them and give them their water and that’s all they ask of you.  Your attention is what they truly crave.  Take the cat for example they will love you, and hunt mice for you, they can also give you countless hours of entertainment. Oh yes they like to sleep, probably more than most animals, but when they’re awake it is you they seek to control, it is said that a cat owns you, you don’t own a cat.  I guess that’s why they used to be considered a God.  Now the dog on the other hand is full of joyful love all the time and he will die for his master in most cases.  They have a strong affection to their owner and will shower that owner with non-stop love.

Dogs or Canines are of many breeds from the stoic Afghan to the flat nosed Pug they all are from the Wolf,

Now the Cat or Felines are derived from the big cats, such as the lion, tiger, panther or leopard which are the same except for the spots.  Basically the house cat or small cats also come in breeds just as the dogs do.

From the Splendid Russian Blue to the Persian, and the domestic short hair or domestic long hair. There are not nearly as many cat breeds as there are dog breeds. 

In The United States we have a problem with abused and neglected animals, the American Humane Society

Work tirelessly to combat the situation.  And Americans are urged to donate funds, food, towels, money and other items to help with the problem.  They are also urged to take in these stray animals or adopt them

For a small fee to help cover the cost of the animal’s shots and boarding.  It is a small amount to pay to save a life.  You as pet owners are also urged to get your pets their shots as many well loved and cared for pets die each year for failure to get them vaccinated.  You are urged to get them spayed to help and cut down on the number of unwanted kittens and puppies in the country.

Maintaining the animal is not a hard thing to do but it is very important. First we’ll look at the kitten.

It is very important that a kitten have a scratching post for both you and he. It is also very important for the kitten to have a nice warm bed to sleep in, it is really not a good idea for you to share the bed with the kitten as it could get hurt.  A young kitten is in need of a toy of some sort to occupy itself with. Of course the most important thing is that suitable food and water dishes be available.  It’s a good idea to have a pet carrier in which to transport the kitten to and from its veterinary appointments.

It is important to know how to pick out your new puppy; you should first make a checklist.

Check the eyes to make sure they are bright, glistening and clear.  Check the nose to make sure it is cool and slightly damp.  Check the gums to make sure they are neither pale nor inflamed

Check the ears to make sure they are free of wax or dirt, The body to make sure it is smooth, perhaps a little plump, but not too skinny.  Check the coat to make sure it is free of bald patches, scabs, or specks of black dirt.  Check the hindquarters to make sure it’s free of dirt or discoloration.

These are our pets and we will love them and spend money on them, they are like our little hairy children.  *Heart*

For those of you have no pets you are missing a great love, a huge responsibility, and the faithfulness you will never experience.

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