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It is an unfinished interview on mythology, part of an online writing class homework.
We sat on the worn out fatigued sofa.  I had to sit on the middle place.  The other two places were too much tired to be comfortable.  It was time to do it quick.  I was afraid the sofa wouldn't hold me much longer.

Question: The principal reason I am here is to know more about your view on mythology.  It have gain much popularity in the last few years.  How you got introduced to mythology?  Is it because of this recent popularity?
Answer: I don't know if it was popular when I started.  I was in high school.  I was also the only one in the school who had an interest in mythology, to my knowledge.  My interest started because of an old cynical history teacher.  He clearly didn't believe there was people who believed in Greek mythology.  I wanted to prove him wrong.  So, I started to master the subject and be able to counter up his attack.

Q: So, you stumble on it without knowing the potential interest mythology had?
A: Yes, it can be put in that way.  I discovered mythology had gained interest in college.  A teacher there told me it was a popular topic among students.  He couldn't explain why.

Q: He didn't saw the many reference mythology have in our culture?
A: Yes, it what was I thought.  He didn't thought of some saying, the references or other thing like that.  There are many words that comes from mythology: a odyssey,  an aphrodisiac, erotic, a PANic.  There is also science, like astronomy and the NASA.  The planets, many constellation and many NASA space programs have names coming from mythology.  Not all have divinities names, there are some who comes from stories.  For example, the Pleiades.  Chiron, the famous centaur, was also put in the sky.  Space programs are well known for their mythological name:  Apollo and Gemini in the reference of the Dioscuri twin.

Q: There were also many show, films, animated films, etc that have mythology as a mythological theme.  Hercules came in many incarnation, many movies on Atlantis,  movies like Clash of the Titans.  Books too, like Percy Jackson.  It seems mythology is still actual.
A: Yes.  I think many characters of mythology and many stories have still relevance in our modern world.  We haven't changed that much since Ancient Greek.  Of course, society evolve.  On the other hand, we still need some wonderful and magical in our life.  Even with all that science, we are able to have our own half-gods and adventure.  We still have stories to marvel upon.  So, there still a need for a good story.  The stories of mythology, for me,  are not stories we are forgotten.  They are not out of favour.  Hercules still rock.  We still know about it now.  They also had the cinematic treatment.  One of my beloved song is "Salmacis" from Genesis.  In this song, they retell the story of Salmacis and Hermaphrodite.

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