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Just something short and sweet (sort of) i came up with a while ago. Hope you enjoy it.
I ran as fast as i could, slowly i could hear him catching up to me so i used a quick burst of energy and jumped into the trees and kept jumping until i was caught and was being carried bridal style.

"Caught you L." He said in his husky voice.

"So you did." I giggled

I forgot. My name is Life and the man carrying me is Death. We have been friends since the beginning of time. You see i still look as though i am 16 but i am so many millions of years old, but hey i can't change anything. Anyways. At least once every 20 years we meet up play a game and just kinda catch up on things so here we are.

So after a bit Death had set me down in a clearing in the woods and was starting to walk away.

"I have a question. This has been bugging me for a while so i was wondering if you could answer before you leave. Please?" I asked shyly

"Yes, what is it L?" He turned to me

"Well i was wondering; Why do people love me, but hate you?"

So Death responded "Simple, it's because you're a beautiful lie and i am a painful truth. That is why, my dearest." With that he left me to my thoughts.

It's true. I am a lie and with that. I sat down and cried. I don't think i have ever cried but when death said that to me it just hurt and i cried so hard. After i finished crying i heard Death

"Sorry Dear, looks as though your due date is finished. Forgive me."

Third Person~

As soon as Death said that Life turned around and hugged him

"Make it quick please.

"I shall, my dearest."

"I love you Death, never forget that."

"I won't"

With that he stuck his blade in her heart and she coughed up blood and kissed him on the cheek repeating 'I love you' then a bright white light emitted from her and a new person had emerged. Still bloody but different. With that he left without saying a word to her. All he can think about is the words she whispered in his ear; 'I love you, and never forget me'

This is my really short story. Sorry it's really crappy but hey thanks for reading. Reviews are appreciated
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