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Something I threw together one night, only wrote one chapter, but may continue eventually
Enclosed Documents pertaining to Project Zealot and Subject Z2 require class D5 security clearance or accompaniment of personnel with D8 Clearance, as well as written permission from Project Lead. Violation of protocol grounds for exile and/or termination by firing squad.

Subject Z2

DNA secretly taken from Lanning Ace pilot Zealot 1 during hospitalization after Operation Phoenix used in Super Soldier testing program. Zealot 1's Aircraft damaged during Operation Phoenix while in combat with six Eronium X-97 Hawthornes. Stress of maneuvers on Zealot 1's body causes degradation of fine motor controls, jostled by machine gun fire from X-97, hereby known as Craft Alpha. AWACS Superior, containing Zealot 1's future wife, [Redacted], reports Zealot 1 craft hit by machine gun fire from Alpha, causes damage to right wing and aileron. Zealot 1 recovers without response, downs Alpha and other X-97 Aircraft. Return to Base commences. Zealot 1 black out begins. Superior begins trying to awaken Zealot 1. Efforts listed as follows:

Superior: "Zealot 1, wake up! [Pilot Name Redacted], wake up! [Pilot Name Redacted], [Pilot Name Redacted]! (aside to pilot) Drop in altitude, Major, we have to follow that plane! Keep your distance in case he wakes up and shakes the controls or his body hits the stick!"

Zealot 1: (silence)

S: "[Pilot Name Redacted], wake up now! You're going down! You've survived it all with me, don't die at the end of the mission...please...You've been with me the whole war..."

Z1: (silence for a moment, craft begins to level out) "...I have control."

Zealot 1 returns to Grapen Air Base near Lanning capital city, Grumman. Zealot 1's F-98 lands and taxies to hangar, does not exit craft. Medical crews and fire crews dispatched, canopy forcefully ejected. Zealot 1 unconscious in ejector seat of aircraft. Hospitalized at [Redacted] under Dr. [Redacted]. DNA taken by scientists and embedded in donor cells from [Redacted]. Pregnancy carried to term. Child becomes known as Subject Z2 given name "Blue", given several items, subject takes liking to Brown Ribbon, not unlike one kept on hand by Zealot 1. See attachment Beta*. Subject begins testing in simulators at age 8. After two months of testing, subject results in simulators deemed on par with Zealot 1 as a rookie pilot at the beginning of the Loanthig-Orean War. Skills have the potential to double, or even triple. Augmentations commenced one week after on July 3, [Redacted]. Augmentations successful. Alloys grafted to skeleton for increased strength and nearly unbreakable bones. Reflexes increased tenfold by Benzaprothetaline. G-Force tolerance given massive increase with Neapolothine, testing results capability of resisting up to 15 G's, further testing recommended. Subject given growth hormones. One month after augmentations reveals her going through growth spurts. Muscle Mass shows no noticeable increase, but strength increases by 10%. Height increased to that of a teenager, as well as weight. Subject appears as a normal teenager. Memory wipe will commence, and subject will remain in lab for further testing.

End Document.
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