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Conscience is the most Frightening Thing

By Lisa Ann Noe *Cat2*

Words:  942

The phone rang out as she lie in bed, after working an all night shift at the hospital.

“Hello, who the hell is this, this had better be good, I worked all damn night”.

“I’m sorry doctor Jenner, but there is an emergency here at the hospital and we need you to come in.”

It’s your patient, he is in very bad shape, he believes witches are after him.”

“Well who is it?”

“It’s Bob Lucas ma’am .”

She arrived and went straight upstairs to the psych ward.

“Good Morning Bob, How are you?”

“Witches are after me!”

“Bob I’ve never known you to entertain these type of thoughts before.”

“They are not just thoughts, there is a witch who has cast a spell on me.”

“What type of spell Bob?”

“She is causing bad things to happen to me.”

“Like what Bob?”

“She caused my car to get out of gear and roll down the hill while I was getting gas.  It almost ran over me.”

“why would you think it was something as sinister as witches?”

“Well that’s not all.”

“What do you mean?”

“My brother called and he has cancer.  I got up this morning I got sick time and time again  I kept vomiting over and over.”

"Well that is terrible news about your brother, I am so sorry to hear that, it must be very stressful for you."

As far as you getting sick like that, stress can cause physical manifestations.” Amanda walked towards Bob, placing a hand on his head, checking for fever.

“I assure you they do exist, and one lives in the building I live in, she is always looking at me at the mailboxes.”

"Look see this black spot on my hand, this is a mark that her magic placed here, she is trying to get me to do something in her evil realm.”

Bob showed his hand to Amanda and he was clearly upset, he was beginning to sweat profusely and his breathing was speeding up rapidly.

“Like what?”

Amanda got up and walked out of the room to the nurse’s station,

“give Bob Lucas his medication It’s in his chart."

At about that time an old woman came walking down the hall, Amanda watched her as she walked towards her. She had on a long black skirt with a green shawl around her shoulders.  What would an old lady like that be doing in a psych ward?  As Amanda was leaving she watched as the old lady walked past her, towards Bob’s room.

“Well we usually don’t allow people up here unless it is visiting hour, Which is not for a while yet.”

The old lady walked closer to Amanda and she had large square pockets in her skirt.  Her hands were in her pockets, and as she got right up close to Amanda, she removed from her pocket a hand full of powder and blew it in her face.  This caused Amanda  to freeze in her tracks and not know anything that was going on.

Bob had fought the nurse and refused the sedative, so the nurse went back to the medicine room and closed and locked the door.

The old lady began walking in to the room in which Bob was.  When he saw her he yelped and looked all around him at what he could do to protect himself.  The old lady came to Bob and said,

“You have done wrong in your family and that is why this is happening to you, you lied and cheated."

  Bob was terrified and he ran past the old lady, pushing her out of his way. 

“How do you know what I’ve done, you old hag?”

“You forget I am a see’er, I see all.”

Bob knew he was caught, the old witch was right ,he had done wrong towards his family, he had an affair and then lied about it .

What are you going to do to me?” asked Bob.

“You are going to punish yourself, I am just here to see that it is done.” Said the witch

“he he he he he he he!

The old woman cast a spell upon bob, saying…

“When you sleep you’ll need to weep,

when you wake in your boots you’ll quake.”

every waking moment with Bob was torment, he was terrified of everything.

No one took him seriously because he spoke of witches.

He would buy  A book of witch craft and learned some things about witches.  He took a couple of large 50 lb. Bags of salt and poured it in the tub.  He had sneaked in to the old lady’s house. He closed the curtain on the tub and when the old lady came through, he would jump out and push her into the salt.  Witches could not take salt. So he waited and in about an hour she came sauntering into the room and she got close to the tub and he jumped out and grabbed her. But in his haste he lost his balance, so she saw this and she pushed him into the salt. As soon as she did he began screaming 

“What is wrong with me? What is happening?”

"You are dying my dear, just as you wanted me to do, you see, I am not the bad witch here you are.

You were born a witch, you were my son, but you were not told because we feared you’d mis-use your power . 

You see you wanted me to die in this salt tub, but it is you who will die.  A horrible death as you will melt away to nothing.


The End

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