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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Ghost · #2015807
Rosie blames Gloria for the tragedy and seeks revenge.
Chapter 21

Ellis and I pulled up outside The Kings Arms on Friday night and I got off from the pillion and moved my body as if I were trying to settle my clothing. "It feels weird wearing a bikini under my clothes; it doesn't notice, does it?"

         "Of course not, Gloria. No one around here has got x-ray vision. Come on it's nearly last orders."

         "I don't know why you want another drink. We had enough at The Crossways Tavern before you talked me into going home to get changed? You're not planning to try to get me drunk again, mister, are you?"

         Ellis laughed at the grin on my face.

         "I just want to see Gordy," he said.

         "Don't you tell him anything about where we are going. I'm warning you, Ellis."

         "I won't. We'll just have a quick drink with him and then we'll get off."

         I sat at one of the empty tables while Ellis called at the bar to get our drinks. He was soon back.

         "So he's not here anyway," I said.

         "Apparently, he's taken Brenda to Minstrels night club."

         "Sodding heck, she's finally succeeded. I bet she's over the moon. The silly girl doesn't realise what she's getting involved with."

         "You mean who, who she's getting involved with."

         "No, I mean what."

         "Maybe she just doesn't care. She just wants to be with him whatever." Ellis despatched a large part of his drink. "What do you reckon; do you fancy an hour at Minstrels?"

         "No I don't, Ellis. I'm not going dancing dressed like this."

         We don't have to stay long. I just thought it might be fun if Gordy and Brenda wanted to come with us."

         "No, Ellis. I'm not too sure about going to the pool on our own, but I certainly don't want to go with other people. Anyway, you know what Gordy's like; he'll want to take a crowd from the club with him. And there's Brenda; she'll tell everyone on the estate. No, Ellis, you're not on."

         "All right just the two of us then. I'm happy with that and at least it shows you're as keen to get to the pool as I am. Come on then drink up."

         "I'm not keen at all Ellis and I'm not rushing my drink. You wanted to come in here not me; you'll have to wait now. Anyway, don't go getting over-enthusiastic. We're only going for a swim and maybe a little bit of romance. Try anything else and you're in for a slap."

         Ellis laughed. "Don't you think I know that by now?"

         I was not really looking forward to the adventure, although I was excited about late-night bathing with Ellis, the stories of ghosts in the woods worried me. Not only that, but the incident when Ellis acted strangely in the field near the woods still caused me concern. Ellis finished his drink quickly, but I lingered over mine, making him wait and delaying the trip.

         We set off to Carver's Hollow and despite me shouting at Ellis to slow down, he drove fast and we were soon at the swimming pool. Ellis pushed the motorcycle around the back of the maintenance shed and helped me over the gates. We walked across to a paved area by the pool and Ellis started to hurriedly take off his clothes. I was nowhere near as enthusiastic as Ellis and after a pause, I turned away from him and began to undress slowly. "I can't believe you've got me doing this, what if we get caught?"

         "We won't get caught."

         "It's a bit spooky here, isn't it?" I looked around at the perimeter bushes as I continued taking off my clothes. "Maybe we should have brought someone with us after all. To tell the truth Ellis I'm a bit scared." When I looked back at Ellis I was shocked to see him standing completely naked. "Ellis, what on earth are you doing? I thought you had your trunks with you."

         "What for, no one can see us."

         "I can sodding see you."

         Ellis gave a laugh. "Well stop looking, you rude girl."

         I looked away and continued to undress until I was standing in my bikini. I looked back at him. "Ellis, put your underpants on, you're embarrassing me."

         He ignored my request and walked over to the pool, but turned to face me again. "My famous dive," he said and flipped over backward making a perfect dive into the water.

         I was in a slight panic standing on my own and I ran across and dived in after him. We swam and messed around in the deep water for a while before swimming towards the shallow end. I took hold of Ellis's hand as our feet touched the bottom and we walked through the water towards the shallow end of the pool slowly revealing our bodies in the moonlight. "Will you cover yourself," I said, and I let go of his hand before hurrying over to the steps and out of the pool. I sat on a paved area and lay back onto Ellis's jacket, relaxing in the warm summer night. Ellis was soon beside me and I made a point of turning my head away from him, causing him to throw his shirt over his lower body. We were soon settled, lying huddled together. I kissed him briefly before looking up at the sky. "It is a bit scary here, but it's a wonderful place once you get used to it. The stars look so bright here."

         "That's because there's no lights near here, it really brings out the bright twinkleness."

         "Twinkleness, fizzing twinkleness." I began to laugh.

         Ellis stopped my laughter by reaching over and kissing me gently on my lips but I eased away slightly. "Only another week till our engagement."

         "Oh yeah, I almost forgot."

         "I beg your pardon."

         "No, no, not that. We've been invited to a party tomorrow night."

         "Another party, not one of your tricks again, is it?"

         "No, it's a proper party and it's only about ten minutes from your house. Gordy and some of the lads from Kings are going and you'll probably know most of the girls there."

         "I've nothing to wear. I don't want to wear that same frock again."

         "That was okay, you looked great in it."

         "No, I'll go into town tomorrow and get something really special. We need to make an entrance, don't we?"

         "Just arriving with you on my arm will be enough of an entrance for me, whatever you're wearing. I do love you so much, Gloria." That was the end of our conversation, we began kissing, began petting and getting each other excited with his wet body across mine. His shirt had fallen away, but I offered no protest and felt thrilled somehow because of his nudity. As we kissed and embraced I could feel that he had become aroused. I felt nervous when he reached down and gently pulled on a lace that held together the side of my bikini bottom. I imagined how pleasantly surprised he must be that I made no move to stop him. Our kisses remained torrid, I knew that this was the time, this was the moment to move forward. I became eager to take the next big step in my life. I also noticed that Ellis had become nervous because of my lack of resistance, probably even more nervous than I was. I could feel his hand shaking as he fumbled at loosening the bikini lace. I could feel his whole body trembling and his heart pounding with excitement as my passionate embrace and wild kisses signalled that I was ready and willing. We were about to make love with each other for the first time when a wailing scream rang out across the pool. We both sat up and looked around. I saw a shape moving through the bushes. "There's someone over there." I began to hurriedly re-tighten my bikini lace. "A peeping Tom."

         "I'll go and take a look."

         "No, no. Don't leave me on my own. Let's get out of here, sodding heck I've gone all cold. It sickens me that some pervert has been in the bushes watching us and what if he's dangerous. Come on, Ellis, let's get the heck out of here."

         Ellis was annoyed but seemed slightly relieved I had stopped him from looking for the intruder amongst the bushes, as I was. What if he was attacked and maybe knocked out, where would that leave me, alone, half-naked, and vulnerable. We were soon dressed and climbing out of the compound. Ellis went for the motorcycle. "Hurry up, Ellis," I called. "I knew this was not a sodding good idea."

         He pushed the motorcycle out to the road, started it up, and sat looking at me, but just as I was about to get on the pillion seat he stopped me and kissed me. "Like you said before, only one more week."

         I smiled but I got on the motorcycle without commenting. I just wanted to be away from the place. Ellis rode off, but as we approached the end of the track I looked back and saw the shape of someone standing at the gates. I didn't mention it to Ellis, I just looked away further sickened at the thought that someone had been watching us.

. ҉

         Rosie watched them until the lights from the motorcycle had gone from sight. "Another week eh? Well, Gloria, in another week it'll be a funeral that you're going to not an engagement. Ellis will be here with me. I won't forget that it's your fault I'm here in your place. I want Ellis and you can be sure that I'll have him, but first a bit of fun with you both. Enjoy the party if you can Gloria." She gave a laugh. "I shall be there to ensure that you don't."

 Carvers Hollow Ch 22  (18+)
Gloria runs into her ex in the café.
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