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by Archie
Rated: E · Editorial · Medical · #2015831
What is the rationale Obama is using in selecting an attorney as Ebola Czar?
Is there an entirely different rationality for politicians than for the rest of the world, the real world?

Our president has appointed a Czar, a favorite trick of presidents to make us think he has taken a particular problem seriously. From my observations, the only thing the president takes seriously is his golf handicap. Come on, Mr. Obama, Ron Klain as the "Ebola Czar"? He is an attorney. Is the president expecting malpractice suits from Ebola sufferers, shall we call them medical victims? Seems he is getting his legal ducks in a row rather than his medical ducks. Is Obama merely ducking his responsibilities? Come on, Mr. President, an attorney in charge of coordinating a medical issue?

It would make more sense to have a medical expert take the reins. Heck, even someone who has served as a hospital administrator to honcho Ebola. But an attorney, Ron Klain, a political hack who has worked closely with Obama in handling political issues, has no business being in charge of what is perceived to be a medical crisis.

Hey, Mr. President, how about the Director of CDC, Thomas Frieden, a real doctor, a person who has earned an MD as well as a degree in Public Health? Nah, let's put an attorney in this vital health position instead. Where was your head, Mr. President. Are you trying to resolve the problem or are you setting your self up to save your political party from what may well become a disaster of health?

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