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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2015903
Intelligence doesn't make a man wise.
The three men had traveled for thirty days and nights using the star in the east as their guide. Its light could be seen even through the glare of the mid-day sun. Its position over the horizon never changed. They marched eagerly, doing their best to pace themselves to protect against collapsing in the desert heat.

They'd received the news of The Messiah's arrival while they slept. They had been waiting for a sign for the last year. The next morning they started on the journey towards their salvation. They packed what supplies they could carry to prepare for the long trek across the foreboding and perilous desert. They each took one special gift to show their thanks and respect. The odds against them reaching their destination alive were not good. They had their faith. But that was all they had, so it would have to do.

They were revered by the people of the land they lived in. They were kings and held all the trappings of the position. They had everything a man or a king could ask for. They would have been comfortable for the rest of their lives. Regardless, once the news of The Messiah's arrival reached them, they had no choice. They had to go to the place where the Messiah would arrive. The Messiah wouldn't just save them, the entire world would benefit.

They were considered kings with great powers, but the power of The Messiah would make them look like sideshow magicians. It was for that reason that The Messiah had to enter this world so far from civilization. The people they ruled couldn't comprehend what The Messiah represented... not yet anyway. In time, that would change.

As they crested the top of the last dune they saw it shining in the sun. The rescue pod was exactly where the instruments said it would be. The letters, "UNSS MESSIAH," were clear even from this distance. The pilot spotted them and waved his arms excitedly.

It had taken a year, but the mission to rescue the stranded crew members was a success. Once they were safely aboard and a replacement warship arrived, the original mission could begin anew. Establish a command base on the planet, exterminate the savages that populated it and make it ready for the arrival of the first settlers.

In a few centuries, this planet would be just like Earth.

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