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"...you’ll be amazed at the wonderful things it (radio) can bring you."

I never thought that a radio can bring so much happiness in my family. You see, we found this radio in our cabinet, and it has been stored in there for quite a long time. It was so dusty and some of its parts are already starting to rust… nevertheless, I found it magnificent. It was a modern design by the name Philips and mind you, it was heavy! It was used by my late grandpa there in his old hut in our backyard. He used to turn it on when he did his daily routine, also when he took his nap in the afternoon. When I turned this radio on, it brought so much delight in my heart ‘cause it played the old goodies of the past. It was so relaxing, that it made me smile… and my grandma, too. You know, I’ve never seen her smile that beautifully, and thanks to music that that radio brought us, she did smile.

It’s a wonderful feeling to listen to the relaxing tone of the oldies. These songs never failed to paint a smile on my face – and I know that everyone gets that feeling, too. I’m a 90s kid – and I do love the music of the 21st Century – but the oldies are just golden, you know. Whenever I listen to icons like Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Nicks, and Cyndi Lauper, it feels as though I’m travelling back in time when everything seemed to be so easy and simple. Life then was very simple… and my grandparents are products of that age. My grandpa used to tell me how cruel life was to him... that, he had to work at a very innocent age… but believe me, it made him a very intelligent man. Kids then are not like the kids of today. My grandma said that when they were little kids then, they did the chores; they did the laundry… the cooking… everything! Well now, kids are sort of the computer geeks, and they seldom do the chores, the laundry, and the cooking (and I think I can consider myself as one of them in a way).

I think that having a radio at home is a wonderful thing. When you feel sad, turn it on, and it can sort of be a shoulder to you. When you feel bored, turn it on, and it can offer you a wide variety of music to listen to… you’ll never get bored that way. The radio we found brought a wonderful feeling in our hearts. Everyone in the house seemed to be so excited when it started playing… and in a way, that served as a beautiful bonding to us. If you have a radio at home, never hesitate to use it, and believe me, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful things it can bring you.

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