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A dark poem
I am bored and tired.
There is too much dark,
The sky thick with shadows;
My blood running cold.

Somebody has ripped me
From my life,
Left the paper in shreds.
Heavy hearted, I climb the stairs
Shedding explanations like
Broken skin.

It has become too difficult
To leave,
An endless day.

We are all actors on the stage
Ploughing through stale scenery,
The prompt has keeled over,
The audience have left
To practice
Their polite applause,
Write their criticism
With their
Dirty hands.

Everything fresh
Has turned black,
My taste unconvincing,
My sanity waning.

The ferryman has taken
The wrong turning.

I have nothing left
To believe in.
He floats,
Whilst I am nothing.

32 lines
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