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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Religious · #2016010
Suggestible people should not read this.
    It's okay to be skeptical. We learn by questioning everything.
    I am a reasonable man. I have wondered about the origin of life
    and its purpose. Haven't you? Let me begin with a proviso ~

    I am not a scientist. I am a free thinker.
    Science like all structured institution is limited by politics.
    It is nearly impossible for a scientist to be taken seriously by his
    peers if he supports intelligent design. The debate is ended.

    I have listened to Scientologists speak of revealed knowledge.
    Knowledge that cannot be supported by any evidence other than
    their intuition. This is their way to manage their lives.
    It is not my way.

    Scientologist speak of an extraterrestrial seed. They name Xenu as
    the source planet. They have only their intuition and Ron Hubbard
    as their guide. Al Ron Hubbard wrote a book about it.
    So be it. Ah-men-Rah.

    Mormons believe that God is a multidementional being
    that had sex with humans to make them Christ Gods.
    Jesus was one of these extrarerrestrial seed, who visited the American Indians
    after his resurrection. There were two tribes of American Indians
    the white tribe excepted Jesus and wrote down his testament on
    golden tablets. John Smith found these tablets buried and wrote
    the Book of Mormon. The Mormons have only their faith in John Smith
    as proof.

    Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

    I will assert, therefore, if Mitt Romney is elected president of the United States.
    He will believe he is a God. This fulfills the fundamentalist belief that the Anti-Christ
    will come to power in our lifetime. The Anti-Christ is described in the Apocalypse
    as a man making himself a God, who serves the Devil. Mormons reject Christianity
    because they believe a devoted Mormon can become a Christ God just like Jesus.
    Imagine a president who believes he is a God. He would have no patience for
    decent. Either you obey God or you die.+

    World events are fulfilling the prophesies of the coming of the Anti-Christ.
    Is this a coincidence or a global plan to destabilize the governments of the world
    for a conquest by the Anti-Christ ~ Mitt Romney?
    Only now do the people of the world except international law out fear of terrorist.
    Is it impossible to imagine an extrarrestial appearance ?
    Would this not seem god like? Mormons and Scientologist believe God is returning
    in a spaceship. The Apocalypse describes a "Golden City" coming down from Heaven
    to land in Jerusalem.

    It is possible a President with a messiah complex could have an encounter
    with the ancient Gods of celestial chariots.
    But, is this good or evil? Ask yourself how essential are you in the New World Order.
    Are you a God?  Or are you a slave?

    I am intrigued by the recent return to the Moon.
    Why has it been so long  ?  Is there someone there waiting ?
    The Moon is a perfect satellite base.  Massive missile bases can be built there.
    It is also a strategic planet for an invading interstellar race.
    The Earth is so precious with most of its surface covered in water.
    This is a reoccurring theme in most sci-fi movies. Coincidence?

    "And the Sons of God took wives." Genesis proclaims.
    "God sent Angels to show them how to till the land." Genesis continues.
    Were these Angels an interstellar race as described by Mormons and Scientologists?
    Only the true believer can be certain. . Perhaps it is mythos.
    Tom Cruise might be a Christ God.

    If you are feeling fearful, I urge you to consult your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi
    or therapist. There are forces in the world no mortal can control.
    Do not be afraid.  People are good and want to live in peace.
    There are over a billion Moslems. They want to live in peace.
    If they did not, then the world would burn. Pakistan has nuclear weapons.
    It is a Moslem nation. They have not used their weapons of mass destruction.
    So, sleep peacefully...

    Israel has 300 nuclear weapons.  They have promised not to use them,
    unless they are attacked by an overwhelming force. They want peace too.
    Have a good day ! 

    Peace be with you.



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