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This poem I wrote about becoming more than what you are spiritually.
The candle burns brightly at night
Tonight during day we can settle
Until all who comes to shelter in us
We can compare, contrast, never meddle

Today we can cry on each other’s shoulder
As if in some type of book a mystery
Today we can allow our passions come together
And bathe in our baths composed of misery

Let the winds take us far and wide
As we pummel through the fearless wake
As though it seems we ride the tide
We create our own inhuman mistakes

The point is we learn from this infinite madness
Until the birds call out and bring us a sing
We can blind ourselves with serene sadness
When we promise ourselves to always bring

Bring a token of wonders
Bring a grand array of illusions
Bring many arrays of splendor
Crawling out of our own seclusion

Let our tears bring us guidance
Let our worries bring us hope
Let our fears stamp out blindness
Let our love teach us to cope

Making the best of all the rest
And leaving second to none
We can rejoice in our commonalities
Begin, rebuild, outlast, become
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