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what's the difference between a life and a day?...think about it
at dawn I am small, I am cluless, I am new
in the twilight hours, there is nothing I can do.
I am guided by others as I learn new things,
and slowly but surely I see what life brings.

mid morning I have grown, I'm awear of what's around
I can see every sight, I can hear every sound.
the guiding hand is supported anew
as I learn new things, things I can do.

closer to noon, I realize what's near,
as the guiding hand slowly starts to dissapere.
I become independent as I travel through the day,
learning everything in a whole new way.

after noon I advance, I'm as tall as can be,
this is when I'm full, this is all of me.
I can do what I want, I have free will,
anything's in my reach, I'm at the top of my hill.

then the sun starts to set, as I grow tired again,
this is where the day will finally end.
I have learned all I can in the amazing day,
and I wouldn't choose to end it any other way.

and then night falls, and I lay to rest,
has this day been the wrost, or has it been the best?
then all thoughts fade and as I loose all power,
and night finally falls endless...after 100 hours.
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