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Rated: E · Short Story · Relationship · #2016114
Two stories of people and how they are effected by one person’s bad decision


Due to the extended Indian summer, it was a beautiful
September evening that was the highlight of this year’s summer.
As Kelly drove down the road, she took in the beauty of the wildlife
either side of the road. The leaves where changing colour, not yet
ready to make their journey to the ground. The different plants
caused the grass to seem full of life. When she looked closely, she
saw a grey squirrel dash up a tree.

As Kelly hummed along to "The Carroll County
Accident" by Porter Wagoner that played loud enough that you
could just about hear it outside the car. Excitement created a buzz
inside her better than any drug. It was a new start that was long
anticipated from the moment she had the results that confirmed she
could go.

It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy home, it
was just that it was time for her to move on. After all, this was the
start of the next phase of her life.

June sat in the passenger’s seat still dressed
in her nursing uniform. Kelly had picked her up early from her shift
to do the last leg of the journey with her. June had informed her
that this was the best idea as Kelly could have her last drive in her
car until the holidays and their parents didn’t have to take
the day off.

In all honesty this was the better idea in Kelly’s
eyes. She hadn’t spent much time with her sister since she
moved in with her boyfriend, even though June didn’t say a lot,
it was nice to have her company before leaving.

As Kelly followed an old ford that was going slower
than the speed limit, she felt her stomach twist with nerves. The sky
was beginning to turn grey she felt a chill grow over her. Closing
the window quickly, she narrowed her eyes at the sky. Of course it
would rain, the summer had finally ended.

The Ford turned off to a private road and Kelly found
herself the only one on the road. She was on the back roads so this
didn’t surprise her much. In all honesty she preferred to drive
on a road on her own, rather than on one full of other drivers. She
didn’t have to worry what they were going to do or if she was
supposed to do something. It gave her the opportunity to take in the
last of the sunshine.

Then she saw the Golf coming towards her.

You can’t seriously be leaving already,”
Matt called after Jack as he staggered his way towards the Golf.
Raising his hand as an answer he shoved his hand in his pocket and
tried to open the door. After the third try he pulled the door wide
open and slumped into the car. A light buzz in his head and the jump
of his stomach caused him to place a hand over his mouth quickly.

After a moment of considering if this was a good idea
he started the car and made his way home. If June knew he was driving
her car while still a bit tipsy, he would have hell to pay. He shook
his head and turned on the radio. It wasn’t as if he would be
on a busy road. Their house was in the middle of nowhere and the only
traffic that ever passed it was the occasional milk lorry, and they
wouldn’t be out at this time.

Singing along to "Days of Graduation" by
Drive-By Truckers he found himself beginning to sway with the music.

He wouldn’t mind if she never found out. She
wouldn’t be home in till later that night as she was taking her
little sister to university. He would go quickly into the house, have
a coffee and get a pizza delivered to the house. The next day he was
going to ask her, and he definitely wanted to be sober for that.

Opening the glove compartment he pulled out the black
box and placed it on the passenger seat. Smiling he tightened his
grip on the handle.

It sure was a terrible looking day, he thought as he
looked at the rainclouds smothering out the sunlight. The heavens all
of a sudden opened and the road turned slippery. The leaves where
dying and rotting away, soon to fall to their death.  It was cold so
he had the heaters on full heat.

But as the car got hotter he started to feel his eyes
beginning to droop. Every time his eyes closed, he saw the happiness
on Junes face tomorrow when he’d ask her. As his eyes opened
slower he felt a smile cross his face.

He was the only one on the road for a long time. But
as he turned the corner he saw a red Volvo coming towards him. Not
thinking much about it, he nodded his head to the song and felt his
body sway a little bit more. The alcohol had done its job of calming
him and taken away his reaction time.

As the car drove closer towards him he felt his eyes
narrow. The passenger had the same thick hair as June. She also had
the same sharp features. She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform.
Blue eyes. Freckles.


Then it all happened in slow motion.

The Volvo got closer. The tyres lost its grip on the
road. As Kelly tried to swerve away from the Golf that had suddenly
drifted into the middle of the road as the driver lost control. June
was yelling his name, though it would never get to him. Jack tried to
get control of the car but ended up causing it to slide and take the
whole road.

And drifting towards the Golf.

Jack yells back at her but it was too late.

The Volvo hit the Golf.

Jack yelled his last breath as the Golf was crushed.

Kelly closed her eyes as a tear ran down her cheek as
the impact hit her.       

© Copyright 2014 Phoenix (phoenix313 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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