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by Carl
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Watch Jarryd destroy everything with his body as a giant
The day at Sander's high school was like any other. Nobody knew what was about to happen to one of the students, Jarryd.
He was a 15 year old boy. He is handsome and has a muscular body.

Kids came pouring out of their classrooms to go eat their lunch, but Jarryd was already sitting down.
"Hey man, your out here early." Said Jarryd's friend Sam. Another muscular handsome boy.
"Not really, I just sat down before everyone else."
"Well I brought you a gift for your birthday yesterday. It's not much but it's the best I could do."
"Gee thanks."
Sam gave Jarryd his present. It was an orange drink.
"This better taste good." Jarryd smiled as he said this.
He drank the bottle and noticed how weird the after taste was.
"Where did you get this."
"Down at the shop, it was cheap so I thought why not."
Lunch continued and Jarryd started to feel weird.
"I gotta go to the bathroom guys."

Jarryd ran to the bathroom and shut the door. He felt his clothes were getting tighter and the floor was getting further away. He was growing. He looked in the mirror and he couldn't see his head anymore. His head reached the ceiling and he started to squat. Jarryd's clothes were ripping off, except his boxer briefs that wee growing with him. Soon he could even squat so he just stood up. Everyone in the school witnessed Jarryd rise out of the bathrooms with nothing but his underwear on. The once 5ft 7 boy was now a 300ft giant. His muscles were now thicker and his bulge was huge.

"Wow this is awesome."
Jarryd moved out of the rubble and looked down at a crowd.
"Hey guys, got anything to eat."
They all just stood there and stared.
"Guess not."
Jarryd then picked up the crowd and brought them to his face.
"I wonder how live meat tastes."
He poked his tongue out and licked the crowd, enjoying the taste.
"Tastes like beef."
Jarryd then shoved the crowd into his mouth and closed it. The last thing they saw was the pink cave, outlined with sharp teeth that was Jarryd's huge mouth. He was swishing them around, slapping them with his tongue, enjoying every moments. He then moved then to the middle of his mouth and swallowed. The people on the outside could see the lump travel down his neck and disappear into his muscular chest.
"Shit that was delicious."

Jarryd then started to step on people, enjoying the feeling of them popping under his immense weight. He then sat down on a group of friends. Making them nothing but a bloody stain underneath his giant ass.
"I want to try something."
He then grabbed a crowd of students and brought them to his huge bulge.
"You guys are going into my cave, be sure to move around."
He then smacked the crowds on his bulge and peeled away his waistband.
"Have fun"
Jarryd shoved the crowd in the front of his boxers. Some landed on his cock, riding hit for survival while other landed on or underneath his balls. The sweat from his balls made them all slip underneath them.
"Shit you bugs feel good in there."
He the squeezed his crotch, shoving people faces into his sack and crushing people against his erect dick. One person on the head was even sucked into him, causing the events that were about to occur.
"Holy shit, that was amazing."

Jarryd then took of his underwear and threw it on a building. He then grabbed nearby crowds and brought them to his cockhead.
"You guys are going inside me."
He then shoved the crowds into his slit. They travelled down his shaft, smacking the walls causing Jarryd great pleasure. They all landed in a hot, wet chamber. It was one of his balls. The cum inside was already starting to eat away at some people. Then the chamber started to shake. The contents were sloshing around. Jarryd was fondling his balls, enjoying the feeling of having people inside of his sack.
"This is so fucking fun."
He then grabbed more crowds to shove into his dick. They were all swallowed by his hungry penis. While doing this he ordered a group of crowds to worship his feet. They were licking and massaging it so they could survive. Jarryd then grabbed his friend Sam.
"Thanks for all of this Sam, couldn't of done it without you."
Jarryd then lowered Sam towards his ass and shoved him in there.
"Wow, that felt awesome."
He then grabbed more crowds and shoved them up his ass. He loved the sensation he got from them moving in there.
"Oi bugs, catch this."
Jarryd then farted, causing all the people inside to fly out of his crack. He moved to see and pile of bones.
"Shit I'm fucking powerful. My farts can disintegrate people."

Jarryd then grabbed two groups of students and shoved them in his armpits. They stuck there like glue.
"Start licking, or else."
They instantly obeyed and started to lick his pits. They could taste they foul sweat but they did not stop. Jarryd then closed his arms and continued to grab people to shove into his dick.

"I'm about to burst."
Jarryd then grabbed heaps of crowds and grabbed his dick. He then started to masturbate with the crowd at hand. They were instantly turned into lube for the giant. He kept on grabbing crowds, turning them into paste for his pleasure. Jarryd then stood up, crushing the people worshipping his feet. He then aimed his cock at the school.
"Enjoy this maggots."
Jarryd fired his hot cum at the school, instantly crushing it and melting the rubble. Students that were in the way were instantly crushed by his globs of cum and they then melted into nothing.

"Shit that was fun."
Jarryd then knocked over the remaining buildings and crushed the left over students in the school. He left the school, crushing cars and houses along the way.
"I think I'll take a trip to the city."

To be continued.
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