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horror based
In a typical British house in the middle London, a girl named Infinity and her mum was in the attic going through old boxes of her insister, there was a box with a porcelain doll with long wire brown hair and pop pail face with blue exquisite eyes in the dark shadowed corner of the room.

Infinity took the box with the doll to her room, as she lay the doll down at the end of the bed, but it dropped on the floor and the head fell off the doll but Infinity noticed a small rolled up piece paper, it said "Infinity scarlet rose" Infinity realized it was her name, but why, she took the note to her mother, as she forgotten poor dolly who was beheaded on the ground.

"Mother who wrote my name in the dolls head" Her mother replied "Infinity there are a few things you don't know and now that you are 19 I shall the story" she stopped washing the pots and took a perch at the kitchen table, and she begun.

}"the box you found the doll was all I had off my grandma, but my mum told me my grandma was called Infinity scarlet rose she called the doll little scarlet, and she insisted the doll spoke to her, driven mad With it she hung herself in our attic and it gives me the shivers to go near that doll since".

Infinity leapt up the stairs in complete confusion but also she discovered an exquisite blue pebble, inside a small wedding ring box in the corner of the large card board box.

}She clenched the pebble in her hand and heard a large buzzing noise she dropped it in a scare, but it was her mobile.

The next morning Infinity looked it up on a school computer.

She searched her name and a website came up with a picture of an old women. She pulled out the same photo out of her denim jacket,

It was her mum's grandma; it had pages and pages of writing.

She printed it out. Then took her phone out and texted her mum to tell her she was going to the library.

As the school day ended she was intrigued to find out more, but could not search anything at home because she didn't want to upset her mother,

She got the website back up and started reading,

One of the tabs was called "The blue stone" which she clicked and it took her to a picture of her grandma holding the blue pebble it clearly stated that it was a healing stone that Infinity scarlet got attached too,

}Which then took her to her death at 25 new street?

Infinity was distressed about it so started her journey home.

The Distressed infinity was walking down the long road 2 days later,

With a folder full of information about her mums' grandmas, she wouldn't let it go; there was something rather odd about why she killed herself, if the stone was just a healing stone.

When she got to the bus stop, her friend was annoyed because infinity hadn't been answering her calls,

She took the folder and asked what has been going on, as she opened the folder and saw all the information, at that point infinity had no choice but to tell her the story.

Her friend offered to help her, and so they planned a sleep over, but in the very attic her great grandma killed herself in.

The Friday after she rolled out their sleeping bags and torches. They sat the poursling down in a small wicker chair she brought from the charity shop,

"Why did you get that" her friend laughed,

"Well if little scarlet was great grandma's friend then she had better have a seat" Infinity said.

With her friend still smirking they hear creaking of floor boards and suddenly the top of a mop fell to the ground.

The brave girls just froze, but then the lights turned off they jumped down from the hatch, and a small rope was tied into knot round the friend's neck.

Her mum walked in.

"What are you doing?"

Infinity told her mum, her mum took the rope from round the girl's neck.

"NO MORE NOW" her mum was rather shaken up and so was the friend.

But infinity wouldn't let it go.

A few weeks later she went up to the attic once again.

The doll had fell off the chair And the stone had gone.

There was something moving in the shadows.

"I want to kill you" a whisper running through the air she jumped to her feet and the was an old woman with brown Curly hair appeared before her

"Who are you?"

I'm little scarlet, your great grandma"

Little scarlet told infinity the story.

"I had a doll made to look like me and hid a stone inside, the stone was powerful. I hung myself, because the doll told me too.

And now it goes in generation. In the corner of the room was her mother was hanging from a rope.

Before she knew it a rope was round her neck bringing her off the ground. And she dropped the doll and a blue stone fell out the neck

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