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Over population and pollution are overrated ..
    "How many lakes has China killed?
    How many more ranches will be built on the amazon?
    How much more carbon dioxide can the ozone absorb?
    So what. Megan Kelly says everything is A-Okay !
    She had a weatherman on her show to prove it.

    The president of BP oil said that oil is an organic byproduct
    and can be absorbed by nature~ "There is a beetle that eats oil."
    And by that logic uranium is good fertilizer!
    I know it's hard to be ecofriendly in a culture of mass consumption.
    But toxic waist is deadly. Right?

    Well, who can stop the combustion engine ?
    It will forever be our means of transportation;
    that is until we have exhausted all fossil fuels.
    Meanwhile, California is running out water...
    Las Vegas is recycling its urine.. What stays in Vegas?
    The American deserts are growing!

    And the beat goes on... (That's one of my favorite songs.)
    Can you imagine living without fresh water and clean air?
    The vegetation would die off. We'd have to melt the polar caps
    with nukes... That's a lot of ice cubes.

    Oh who cares?
    Democrat or Republican; they all bow to the corporate lobbyists .
    Nothing can stop mass consumption, except a mass die off.
    And on that cheery note, good night."

    Bob typed his manifesto on his facebook as his wife burned something
    in the kitchen. His daughter Nephi was upstairs in her room with her best
    friend Stacy. Nephi was going to graduate high school soon. She had pledged
    to marry Stacy her girlfriend in front of Bob and his wife today.

    "Jesus open a window!" Bob groused.

    "I did!" Karen growled back.

    "Would you go up stairs and... check on them." Bob asked his wife as he bit down
    on his pipe.  Karen took a breath and walked the two flights of stairs up to her daughter's
    room. She taped on the door gently with the tip of her index finger.

    "Hun? Dad wants you to join us for dinner.." Karen said timidly.
    She pressed her ear to the door and heard groaning  . Karen dropped to her
    knees and peeked through the keyhole. Nephi and Stacy were kissing ..
    They were naked. Karen wept on her knees before the keyhole and knocked
    on the door harder.

    "It-it's time for dinner!" Karen shouted and scurried to her feet  stumbling down the stairs.
    Bob was waiting with his hand on the newel post biting hard on his pipe. Karen fell into
    his arms. "They-they were naked kissing each other." she sobbed.

    "Oh-my-God!" Bob growled.

    Nephi and Stacy came down the stairs in green spandex elf costumes.
    "Merry Christmas!" Nephi and Stacy giggled. They were both gymnasts and did
    a forward hand stand flip to the dining room. Bob's took his glasses off and wiped
    them. "Okay-great! Let's eat!" Bob forced a toothy smile.

    Karen brought in the burnt turkey. She dropped it on the table next to Bob.
    "I'll get the potato and vegies .." Karen gasped back her tears. Bob rubbed the back
    of his neck and began to carve the turkey. "Oh, boy cucumbers !" Nephi shouted with
    glee. She served some of the cucumber slices to Stacy.

    "Dad your always going on about over population.
    Well, Stacy and I are never going to get pregnant.
    We might adopt." Nephi winked at Stacy and fed her a cucumber.

    "Did Nephi tell you she lost her virginity to a cucumber?" Stacy smirked as she
    chewed more cucumbers.

    Karen fainted after this announcement and dropped a plate of biscuits.
    Bob picked her up and placed her in a chair, gently patting her face and hands.
    "There is nothing in the Bible about that. I hope your happy." Bob winced repressing
    his rage as he jabbed a fork in a cucumber.

    "The Pope thinks love is gender blind." Nephi continued as she hugged her
    mother. "Maybe someday Priests will marry each other." Stacy giggled and
    sipped some red wine.

    Bob bit down on his pipe.


    Reflections~ Is homosexuality an appropriate answer to overpopulation?

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