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by Dragyn
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2016836
A tap battle that determines the fate of the world-kinda based off Iliad, but not really
         "It's too late now, Coulimandarie! I have infiltrated your DataLancers and will soon DELETE your pasts. Say goodbye to everything you have ever known-on the Internet." Yelled Dr. Zeitgeist as his message broadcasted through the globe. Coulimandarie gasped. The Internet was the source of life for most people in the current world. Zeitgeist continued "This world needs to be cleansed of the technology we have created and poisoned ourselves with! We need a world of culture, not a world of DataLancers, iPhones, and Androids!"
         "Not so fast, Zeitgeist!" his followers Audrey and Callie rushed towards him. The two girls were his students, but they felt this time, his weird plans had gone too far."I challenge you to a duel!" exclaimed Audrey. "A rhythm duel." Elaborated Callie. "Let's see if we can take time BACK!" Exclaimed Callie as she rushed off to the side, leaving Audrey with Dr. Zeitgeist. She turned on the music from her iPhone, laced up her tap shoes, and began a full eight-count of simple tap dance steps woven into a complex rhythm. "Oh. You dare challenge the master, I see?" mocked Zeitgeist, as he finished his turn. "Yes, I do." declared Audrey, setting off a flurry of taps. Feet blurred and sweat poured. The silence of the environment and the awesome intensity of the taps transformed it from a teacher-student battle into a master challenge.
         Student and master outdid each other; when toes and a heel became some amazing fierce thing like a wing pullback or a toe stand. Their feet flew and the metal struck the marley floor 'til the sparks came. A fire could break, the crowd would not be scared of some fire flames. The world's fate hung in a seesaw which could drop in either way. Zeitgeist planned to take over the world and he won, the human race would be doomed for life and sometime more. Audrey had to save the world and beat Doctor in this fight.
         "This will be my world, I tell you, all mine!" Said Doctor Zeitgeist.
         Her mind cleared. The Goddess of Good Judgement lifted the fog that clouded Audrey's mind, sending it to Zeitgeist. Audrey imagined the audience in front of her; this was not just for the teacher, but for an expectant crowd. She let the Goddess of Music take over, no longer focusing on the steps, just focusing on keeping the beat. Her feet flew, turning her around, lifting her into the air, sliding this way and that. Making use of the whole floor, she incorporated ballet, modern and jazz into the routine, doing leaps and turns, showing her sass the whole way. Her feet flew so quickly it created sparks on the floor. Sending up a silent prayer to her god, Dance, she closed her eyes. Hearing the prayer, the god moved her arms and her steps were free. Her feet moved so fast, they might have started a fire strong.
         As the song progressed, the pair no longer went by battle rules-it was each person for him or herself. Zeitgeist's mind clouded, and he panicked, praying to Rhythm to pull him through. Acknowledging the prayer, Zeitgeist's feet no longer needed mind commands. Rhythm controlled them, as he helped the evil doctor wing, shuffle and switch feet. Doctor knew Audrey couldn't start again until he indicated so, using twenty counts this time instead of eight. Making it his own, he channeled his inner Michael Flatley, integrating his taps with previous dance experiences, creating something equally awesome. While the metal hit the marley floor, sparks a lit; they shone.
         The gods above had seen the end, they had a plan to move the girl and Doc: awe them. Together in sync, the taps would go. Eyes glued to screens and glassing over, families dropped everything to watch. Others watched from their Android bots. Pullback combinations ending on toes, flaps, hops and stomps, everything possibly invented in tap dance was included, alongside newly made-up moves without a name.
         Music had ended, the song had stopped, Zeitgeist fell and his feet flailed. Callie and Audrey rushed him, but Rhythm pulled him back and pushed them away from the doctor.
         "I can't feel my feet." He moaned, and indeed, he couldn't; for they had run away to prevent another abuse of power like that.
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