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Nico asked you out.
Nico didn't realize how much you meant to him until you got hurt.

You'd nearly been killed by a empousa while the other two men demi-gods with you were mesmerized by her power. You'd only just managed to kill it before it could kill the other two. But not before you took a serious beating and got slashed by it claws. You were now in the infirmary with Will Solace taking care of your slashed thigh and serious headache. Nico came running into the infirmary like a gorgan was after him and he nearly fell out when he saw you. He hugged you so hard you thought your ribs might break but you ignored the pain. It felt good to have him hug you.
You'd been pinning over him for months now and your brothers and sisters in the Hermes Cabin were already threatening to tell Nico about your crush on him just to get you to shut-up. Only the Stoll brothers seemed to be extra sympathetic towards you. Especially since you'd been there for them when they had over-whelming crush's on Miranda and Katie from the Demeter Cabin.
It was nice to know that they knew how you felt. No one dared tell the Aphrodite kids about their love lives. Not unless you wanted not only your crush but the whole camp to know. They'd paint "I KNOW WHO LOVES YOU" on your crush's cabin. Which they've done before by the way. You didn't ever think you could feel bad for Clarisse La Rue. Poor girl was redder than Aphrodite's blush. Poor Chris Rodriguez too he's the one who had to clean it off the Hermes cabin. But they do make a cute couple.

Anyway, Nico hasn't been any better. Percy was ready to drown him and Annabeth threw her book at him. He got banned from New Rome till he asked you out, Hazel's orders. Frank turned into and elephant and chased him out of camp personally. Even Jason who'd always had his nose in Nico's love life had threatened to deep fry him if he didn't ask you soon.

Needless to say you were both hopeless. Nico decided that he would finally do it though. Today. Maybe. Well... soon. Maybe he should wait till you were feeling better. No he had to do it today. Solace had left to get you some pain meds so this was his perfect chance.

"Hey um... (Y/N) I was wondering you know if maybe when you get better that we could you know go out sometime...," He wouldn't meet your eyes he just looked down. You beamed,"Really?"
He looked up and smiled at you. "Yeah really. Maybe we could go to New Rome and do something?"

You wrapped your arms around him despite the pain and he turned red. "Yes! I'd love to! OW.... okay maybe after my leg heals." You laughed. It took everything in Nico not to scream YES! and fistpump the air.

Little did they know that Will Solace heard the whole thing and was already on the way to tell everyone.

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