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Teenager striving to be the best soccer player in the world. Wins the U.S.A competition.
Vishwadeep Lella

Mr. Snyder

Language arts 7

Period 5


Life of Soccer

"Zack! Zack!". Zoey said. I woke up with my forehead hurting. "Gods you're awake' Zoey said.

"Ugh" I said, "what happened?" . I saw my myself in a big stadium with roaring fans around me.

" WE JUST WON OUR SOCCER GAME REMEMBER?" said Zoey so loudly because all the

fans were so loud. And then everything zapped right into me. I was at my finals soccer game

celebrating victory because I scored the last goal and when I was running back to my team some

guy rammed into me and I fell down unconscious. If you are confused at this point let me explain

to you what is going on. Let me start at the beginning.

When I was eight I had a passion for soccer. I got interested and started playing it with people 3

years older than me. I had the destined desire to become the greatest soccer player in the world.

But first I needed to join a soccer team to starting my life of soccer. But my parents didn't see me

as a soccer player until 3 years later, as 11 years. I played in a school named challenger and at

recess there were really hard players. I kept being beat and i was very depressed, but I kept

encouraging myself to keep trying. when i was in fifth grade I finally was able to beat everyone

really easily in my school.

And that was when I joined a soccer league I played a season to try it out. And in my

season we went to the state finals and became 3rd place! In return I got selected to try out for the

city team and I was allowed to go to another league. I didn't get the cut in the playoffs for the

city team so I was only left with my second league.

         The second league passed fairly well and I got selected to go to another city team tryouts!

And this time I actually made it! Me and my team practiced really hard but lost our first game.

We practiced even harder and the next game and on we never lost a match! We got selected for

the state team tryouts to verse teams all over the U.S.A! We actually made the cut to, but it was

very intensely hard. But we were awarded by our hard work to be the team that represents the

state of California! We played and we lost about two matches in the whole ten week season. As

our hard worked award we accomplished, we got second place in the whole U.S.A! We

celebrated no matter if we were first, second, or third with a pizza and ice cream party and we

were granted with humongous trophies to keep.

Two weeks later we had to assemble our team

again because the scoring was incorrect and we were tied with the first place team so we had to

verse them at Saturday. And here I was blacked out right after I scored the winning goal and

running to celebrating with my team. But now I am awake and I can continue celebrating

because we did the greatest thing ever in our lives.

         But that didn't end there. I still strived to become the best soccer player ever in major

leagues, or possibly in Fifa, but I'll have see and for now this is my life of soccer.

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