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Just you, me, the good Lord and tea.
A red teapot I bought brand new,
And a choice blend of tea to brew,
With water pure and getting hot.
I thank the Lord for all I got,
It’s fortunate that I may see,
How nice it is to share with you,
The happiness that e’er comes true,
Just you, me, the good Lord and tea.

From the teapot that I did buy,
With summer sun high in the sky,
We share a spot of nature’s gift,
And let the conversation drift,
Sharing our hearts just between friends.
If anyone should wonder why,
Pass a cup of sweet spiced chai,
What better way to make amends.

Red teapot whose water is out,
Nothing but steam flows from its spout,
So satisfied are we two chums,
Where once lie scones remain but crumbs,
Another tea we must plan soon,
For sharing tea will defeat doubt,
It's caring that tea’s all about,
Please come again this morrow noon.

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