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A girl left with a bracelet that cannot be taken off after her parents death...

Luo 14

The Bracelet Through Time

Part 1

It's no use, the girl thought as she gazed out the window. The magic is too hard for me to control. Why can't I be like everyone else? The girl closed her eyes out of total exhaustion and a blinding white light clouded her vision as she collapsed.

July 29, 1979

Screams, smoke, death. Words that were just words, yet were so powerful. The city lay ransacked as demons, shedu, as rumors go, ghosted by. In the midst of all the chaos, a young girl of seven or eight sat upon the ground playing her marbles as serene as an angel. She settled there while people's frantic cries echoed across the village. It was a small village, of no big significance, but for Elly, it was where she grew up. Her home. A few hours passed, and no sign of the shedu or the remains of villagers except those who had died. Sadly, the village was deserted... or so everyone thought. The little girl, now perched upon a rusty, broken swing, surveyed her surroundings, not really understanding just how serious the raiding was. Elly shut her eyes, not really asleep but not consciously awake either. A small pop was heard, but Elly, tired of the days activities, fell into a deep sleep. Moments or hours later, she awoke from her deep slumber and gazed around. The village looked the same, or maybe different. Her acute eyes pointed the way towards the houses as people appeared. Elly, with a sharper 14 year old mind. 14? She glanced around in confusion as she reviewed what had happened. There was the shedu, but where were they? She looked around for her mum and dad but they were nowhere to be found. Elly reached to rub her eyes and noticed a bright gleam of silver. She narrowed her eyes and looked closely at her arm. There was a silver bracelet engraved with the words "destiny shall pass to those who succeed, the power lies within."

"Eloise!" a sharp, stern voice jerked her out of her daze. She picked herself off the ground not quite processing what was happening.

"Eloise! Hurry up! Where are you, you insufferable little girl?"

It's Elly not Eloise she thought. Elly glanced around and recognized her Uncle Mildred lumbering towards her. Uncle Mildred has always been fat. She snickered, darted around and got back to her chores.

Hours passed and Elly, sweaty from all her chores, sat down on the porch and gazed at her bracelet. Her fingers traced the shiny metallic metal on which words were engraved. Like always, Elly pried the bracelet with her nimble but calloused hands. The bracelet slid more than usual but she still couldn't slide it off. It's like it doesn't want to come off; like it has a mind of its own, Elly thought.

Part 2

Hours passed, then days passed, until that turned into years. Elly still lived in the village in which she was born. But, that would change, sooner than anyone had expected. March 14, 1988. It was a happy day for Elly, the day she turned 16, but also the day her destiny came true. From the day of the shedu raiding, Elly had carried the trademarks of a remarkable girl destined to do great things. Or, perhaps the bracelet was just a symbol of power and magic. So powerful, that many would kill for it.

"Elly, where are you dear? Time to get ready!" Elly's Aunt Bella called up the stairs.

"Coming, Auntie!" Elly called back.

On the other side of town a man in a dark cloak rode into town. He looked around, bewildered, as if he hadn't expected something. A little girl ran up to the man and looked up at the covered hood. A gruff voice called out,

"What d'ya want?"

The little girl looked up and said something quick in another language; French?

"Vous es nouveau dans la ville?"

The hood bobbed its head and replied.

"Est-ce la ville sale ovous vivez? C'est tellement brut et petit. Je ne peux pas croire que vous vivez ..."

The hood suddenly froze and looked around avidly as though sensing something others did not. He suddenly jerked out his hand and clutched the girl's skinny arm in his iron grip. He started to talk rapidly now.

"Deus meus, tibi ulla securitas? Hic locus impletur latronum genus. Hic ego te cito domum puellae. Habeo facere iubeat sequi."

The man continued to fascinate the little girl. He dragged the little girl pointing the way to the marketplace and let her go, wandered around and found a trader. From his infinite bank of languages, he pulled out a long string of Portuguese to the woman.

"Vocsabe onde a menina est Oh, espere, uma garota chamada Elly Estou ficando ugh enferrujado."

The man continued spewing a string of long words in a language of who knows what. While the lady waited, he shifted his bulk to one foot as he hesitantly said in broken English.

"Eh, the do you-- eh know where El--ly lives?"

It was early morning and the postman arrived in front of a doorstep. "Today was supposed to be a holiday. I don't get paid enough for this." the postman grumbled under his breath. Suddenly the package in his hand trembled. The postman yelped and dropped the package, then rushed back into his truck and sped away.

The thing that was dropped on the ground was a small brown package that looked as if nothing was in it. As if it wasn't meant to be a package. The package was left on the ground of a small white house. It was a normal house with beige curtains, potted flowers, and not a spot of dust anywhere. The doorbell rang by a mysterious wind and the polished wooden door peeked open. A face appeared. The face peeked outside the door and then swung the door open. A shrill voice called from within the house.

"What are you doing dear?"

"Nothing, just getting the mail," another daintier voice called back.

Small, nimble hands snatch up the mail and the body glanced around. The figure felt a breeze then silence.

"Eloise, what's taking so long to get the mail?"

"It's nothing Auntie."

But what Elly didn't see, was the shadowy bulk of a man slipping inside the house.

The houses started to stir, the white house in particular.

The man stood watching silent inside the house and surveyed his surroundings. Spick and clean, colorless walls, not much, he thought. Not a place fit for a magician. I wonder if I've got the right place. The man jerked out a slip of paper, invisible of course, then checked the words. Number 11, Magnolia Road. He was yanked out of his musings when a girl almost crashed into him racing up the stairs. That little wretch. He would have yelled at her to watch her step before realizing he was still an invisible, shadowy figure. The figure chuckled menacingly. "Time to get started."

Elly was mid-step up the stairs before she stopped stock still on the third step. She had sensed something. That wasn't rare for Elly these days, as those pesky accidents that Uncle Mildred always hated happened. She had once blown up a tree, and also made her best friend burst out with uncontrollable laughter. Her friend ended up having to go to the emergency room, but Elly's instincts told her that something was wrong. She perked up her ears and heard some nasty chuckling and then some low murmuring. "Time...started." Time started? Time started? Wait, hadn't time already started if she was alive? Time to get started? Time to get started on what? An infinite amount of questions were swirling around in her busy mind and a breeze brushed past her as she raced back down stairs to her aunt. She ran halfway through the hallway and collided with something fat and squishy. It grunted. Good ol' Uncle Mildred. Elly twisted around her uncle and bolted down the hallway and into the kitchen. Her aunt wasn't there. She scrambled back through the hallway this time crashing into something thin and lean. That earned her a surprised grunt. Suddenly an arm came out of nowhere and gripped her by the wrist. She tried to squirm out of reach. The arm dragged--

"ELOISE, what in the name of ....WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

A disgruntled and angry Uncle Mildred came careening down the hallway. The invisible figure let go of her arm and "disappeared." Elly rubbed her bruised wrist and squeaked out.

"Nothing Uncle Mildred."

"What was that?

"Nothing Uncle Mildred." Elly said a little louder this time. Her uncle gave a satisfied grunt and waddled into the kitchen with his stomach jiggling. A clashing noise was heard and Elly jumped in fright. She peeked around the door and looked around. A clumsy piece of blubber called Uncle Mildred had dropped the plates. The invisible grip came back this time with a steel grasp. It dragged Elly down the hallway and out the door. The figure continued dragging Elly... at least she thought it was a figure. The man revealed himself. Elly scrambled out of the man's grip and this time the man let go.

"WHAT--" She was cut off by an angry glare.

"What's your name?" She glared back at the man with a defiant stare.

"Kalumnex," The man grunted out and looked away as if embarrassed.

"Kalumnex," Elly mused.

"Can I call you Kal?"

The man grunted again. Kal looked about 6 feet tall with a pack of steel abs and muscle. He was lean and definitely not fat. Kal grabbed Elly again with his iron grip, snapped his fingers, and a car appeared. This time Elly didn't struggle, her curiosity was piqued.

Part 3

A wet gag was put in her mouth. Then a bag appeared before Elly and was inserted over her head. With gentle care. Elly mused. Probably Kal. Someone lifted her with a grunt and dropped her into a vehicle with a heavy thud. Ow, ow, OW. Definitely. Not. Kal. The vehicle....a van, started up and someone revved the engine. The smell of smoke and burning rubber filled the air and the van took off with an alarming speed. Elly tried to stay awake but failed. She gently nodded off into a rough sleep as the van drove on and on to a location who knows where. Hours or maybe days later Elly's bag was lifted off her head. She squinted from underneath a dusty and smelly tarp and tried to see what was going on. Bad mistake. The hours of being kept in the dark took a toll and Elly gasped as she was almost blinded. Determined, she tried to remove the crummy and now dry gag but a rough hand lightly held her back. Other hands lifted her up and set her upright but no hands remained to help keep her balance. She glanced around, and squinted out that they were in a dark forest that smelled like rotten socks. Nothing particular. A hand prodded her from behind prompting her to turn around in query. What she saw almost made her faint. There were about four men the size of monster trucks milling about. In the distance, she could see the specks of other "monster trucks" wandering around. Hmm... I guess Kal was the runt of the pack. The hand prodded harder. She turned around and this time sass worked its wonders.

"Ok, ok, I'm going. Jeez, no need to be pushy. Do you how much effort I put into looking like this." Elly gestured to herself and by this she meant looking disgruntled, messy, and like she was just trampled by something. The guard, clearly not used to being spoken to like that, blinked in surprise. The guard behind that one grunted in their language of grunt-latin. The surprised guard quickly recovered and prodded her again, more insistent this time. She walked forward and almost crashed into a tree. Were these people trying to kill her? Oh, wait, they must have already did. They progressed like this further into the forest, but still nothing was seen. Half an hour passed and Elly was getting ready to punch someone. She rubbed her tired eyes and a glint of sunlight lit up her bracelet. Yes, the bracelet. The guard caught her staring and started to insistently poke her. What was up with these people? Were they morons or were they morons? She brushed off the guard yet he kept poking her like a little child. Finally she guessed what he meant, looked at her bracelet and read in the bravest voice she could muster. "Destiny shall pass to those who succeed, the power lies within." Yes, those words, the words that were with her since the age of seven. She held her breath and waited. Nothing happened. The annoying guard poked her again and she walked in another round of circles. At first nothing seemed different, but when she began her next round of circles, the guard poked her again. What was up with these people and POKING!? An annoyed Elly walked towards the direction the guard mentioned and what she saw took her breath away. The rounds of incessant circling....it really meant something! In front of her was a massive village full of adults and kids. The village looked like a normal village, except for the impossible throwing of fireballs from kid to kid. The guards all grunted simultaneously and prodded her forward. A goodbye?

When Elly stepped forward, it was like everyone knew. Everybody stopped what they were doing and started staring. I mean like can a girl get any privacy today?? After the staring, the whispers and murmurs followed. Elly boldly walked around and said in a loud voice, "Hello? Can anyone tell me where and what I'm doing here?"

No one answered and Elly felt her face heating up. Then a rustle was heard and a little boy that strangely resembled Elly stepped to the front of the crowd and looked up at her. He said, "The Known One said to come see her." "She's in her office." The kid added as an afterthought. Worry and confusion seeped into Elly's eyes. What "Known One" Is she gonna kill me? After I just got here? Where in the world are my parents? Who is the Known One anyway? Is she like the leader here?

"Probably." The boy said. Elly jumped in shock.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it," a tall boy called out with a smirk.

Elly's voice was shaky as she asked, "What--what are you?"

"You'll see when the time comes" The little boy said cryptically. How in the world am I gonna find the known one? Elly clapped her hand over her mouth as she realized that the boy could "hear" everything she said.

"Come on, let's go, I'll lead you to her--I have permission." The boy said in a fake whine with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

In a camp surrounded by the woods, a lone figure sat far apart from his friends. The man cast a shadow on the ground as he gazed into the fire. In his head, thoughts were swirling around as he tried to keep them a secret. An internal struggle of right or wrong continued and the man let out a lengthy sigh. One of his friends came over and sat down on the mottled log.

"What's up Kal?

"Just thinking." The man replied in a veiled manner that made it all too clear that the discussion was over.

"K then." The man's friend left.

Kal sighed and furrowed his eyebrows as he continued brooding, anxiety gnawing at him.

Part 4

The little boy led Elly down a twisting and winding path as they made small talk. An awkward pause came up and Elly looked around, distracted. She studied the things around her. A magnificent butterfly here and there. Crisp leaves crunched with every step they took. As she listened carefully, a light cricket's trill drifted out from behind a thick bush. Birds were chirping and the place sounded as if it was in harmony. This place is just perfect, Elly thought. Don't let that fool you. Another voice sang in her head. Elly had a momentary freak out and thought. Who are you and what are you doing in my head? A low rumble sounded in her head as the voice replied. I could ask the same for you myself. A shape took form in her head and she gasped. "Kal?"

On the other side of the forest by a refreshing lake, Kal sat pondering about what to do. Suddenly a familiar voice popped into his mind. This place is just perfect. Kal immediately knew that whoever was in his mind was in the forbidden glade of mysteries. Having been in the camp long enough, he knew it was that kid bringing someone to The Known One. Pieces clicked as his mind connected and he knew it was Elly. The voice came back, this time in the pleasant voice of hers. His mind went back to before as he remembered when he had been given orders. Taking Elly had been too easy when her curiosity took over her. Who are you and what are you doing in my head? Elly questioned and Kal chuckled as he realized that he didn't know what he was doing in her head either. Deciding to humor himself, he thought, I could ask the same for you myself, and attempted to send an image of himself to her.

The little boy leading Elly down the path stopped as her eyes glazed. A moment later her eyes opened and she saw the curious face of the boy's, tilted as he looked at her in question.

"It's nothing." Elly lied swiftly. The boy shrugged his shoulders and kept on walking. After a while Elly decided to see if this connection was permanent. If so, it was going to be very useful for her. Kal? Is this permanent? She received some replies. I honestly don't know Elly. But it'd be cool if it was. And it was then that Elly realized that the thug she'd come to associate Kal with, was just a teenager. A comfortable silence enveloped Elly's mind with reassurance that Kal was there. Suddenly, his voice "spoke" out.

Elly you must let no one know about this or we could be in trouble.

What? What trouble?

Elly, you can't let the Known One know that you can communicate telepathically, especially Caesar.


The little boy who is leading you. Don't let him fool you, looks can be deceiving, the Known One is-- Elly jerked in surprise as an invisible force snatched Kal out of her head. Knowing something was wrong, she ran out of the woods. Out of the side of her eye, she could see Caesar clicking something, then chasing after her. She rounded a corner and ran as fast as she could, the trees a blur in her world as she avoided crashing. Finally after minutes of running, she stopped, thinking had lost them. Bad idea. For a few tense seconds, Elly breathed heavily out of her mouth as she tried to gain air.

The crackles of leaves and twigs hummed in the breeze as Elly was suddenly cornered by hundreds of thugs. Behind them, were all the villagers, staring at her with anticipation...and fear? Some of kids, including the tall boy who smirked at her, were looking at her in awe and admiration. Part of Elly's mind was amused, and the other was frightened to death. She fought with all her might, but the scared part won. They were standing in a clearing in the forest, a loose ring around her. The menacing looking trees seemed as if they were threatening her, daring her to just run and escape. And then there was Elly, standing there in the center of the ring; her dirt stained shoes making the leaves crackle, the dust covered shirts and pants she had worn instead of the dress her aunt insisted on her birthday. Then there was the ugly rat's nest on top of her head, posing as hair. She glanced around the first ring and dared something she should not have.

"There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense." Ha! No one will be able to recognize Jane Austen's words from pride and prejudice, Elly thought. And to her dismay, she was correct. Her words were met by silence as the people all looked like they were waiting. Time passed that felt like eternity and people were slacking off. Time for my escape. But, like always, that was foiled. Everyone flinched as the crunch of high heels demolishing leaves sounded out. The Known One (Elly could only guess) came out of the forest and into the clearing. No one really knew why the Known One was called that but they just went along with it. The Known One, more like the too much make up wearing fashionista that wears too tall heels and too short skirts with an ugly face, Elly snorted. The crowd parted like the sea parting for Moses when she confidently walked through. The Known One gripped Elly's arm, and to her surprise, Kal's too, and stalked away.

Elly and Kal were marched to a different clearing. The clearing looked identical to the other...almost too identical. Elly heard a bang and zap, and then blacked out.

When she woke into consciousness, she was sitting in a stuffy office with Kal in seat next to hers, and The Known One, in the seat across. Are we in the principal's office in trouble or what?? Elly thought, amused. She glanced at Kal's face and found it was in a stone mask. Deciding she had better do that too, she struggled to keep her face straight but her eyes darted around. They were in a small office, with neat bookshelves and a grey wall that made you uncomfortable. Even worse were the scratchy chairs where they sat. A small fish bowl lined up against the back wall with one fish in it. Poor fishy. What completed the stereotypical look was a large desk in the center of the room with multiple papers, lined with every office supply you could think of. She looked at The Known One in trepidation, but Kal seemed bored, like he had already been there a million times. Oh wait. He probably has. A deep man's voice belonging to Kal's brought her back into reality.

"Angry people are not always wise." What?? The speaker must have seen the confused look on her face because he reiterated.

"In the clearing. The forest. You quoted Jane Austen from Pride and Prejudice.


"Ok people, sorry to burst your happy reunion but you in my office here." Elly glanced again at Kal and was scared to see a look of uncertainty and fear in his eyes. The Known One went out of her office only to come back through, brandishing two small silver chips and a lethal looking bronze weapon. She sat down at her desk and simply stared at the two. What's our fate? Elly sent telepathically to Kal. She didn't get an answer...

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