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by arnav
Rated: 13+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #2017596
The president of the USA gets kidnapped. A mystery hero rescues him from scary terrorists.

It was 9:00 at night in Dallas, Texas and the president of the United States was to address his speech on violence and terrorism going on in the middle east as well as developing countries. Although Gary Cooper was nervous he knew he'd explain the problems of the world terror well. Leaders, senators and other important people were all to be there to hear him but the scary thing was he probably didn't know that the speech would never be read.

As the president got out of his secured black Bentley which had bullet-proof windows installed and other custom luxury's his bodyguards, the secret-service all were around him protecting him as if he were the treasure of a pirates. A woman's voice was heard and it was his secretary, Joyce Roster.

"Mr. Cooper, you've arrived already!", exclaimed his secretary. "Your hours before your speech here at the Harrison Center."

"Really, Zach told me now is the time to come, must've made a mistake?"

         "Well now that you're here let me show you around."

         And so Joyce showed him the area's in Harrison Center, the modernized places like the gym where the basketball hoops can come out from underground in a second. The swimming pool which had smooth stone steps and a Jamba Juice to hangout and work on your laptop, so they each bought a smoothie, mango and strawberry was their choice.

The news/media room was packed with big news teams like Kron 4, CNN, and ABC news. All of them were writing in journals, talking loudly, and setting up. After he had come in they swarmed around him as if he was a god and the reporters were his followers.

         "Mr. President what will you say about terrorism."

         "Mr. President which terrorist groups are you to talk about."

         The press was so annoying it took 15 minutes to get through the giant crowds of reporters.

         A few seconds later she showed him the indoor garden. Lustrous stones sat next to the shallow pond. A lone buddha stood in the middle of the rocky falls. The flowers and leaves covered the place up. Yellows, blues, greens, reds, and oranges were everywhere. The light from the sun gave all the shiny leaves a glare.

         "Neat.", Gary said aloud. Cooper was used to this of course because his home, the White House, had a big garden which consisted of these leaves.

         "B-e-e-p, B-e-e-p! BOOM!!!!!"

         "What was that!"

         "Oh My God"

         "Bomb!", someone screamed.

         The effect was like a lion vs gazelle. Tourists everywhere screamed. The Harrison Centers security guards started shouting out orders. The president had all his secret service men guard him.  Then out of nowhere 20 gadget-equipped men jumped them. The bodyguards put up a fight and took their knives out and their AC-14's out. Unfortunately the men were all sucker-punched before, hadn't been prepared and were outnumbered. They spilled the men's blood and killed all of Coopers bodyguards. He was standing there alone in worry while Joyce was being shot rapidly many times. A ding in his ears started to appear and it got louder everytime he got even more scared. Then he passed out.


The sound of a jet that was going to go to Venezuela shimmered and rocked Cooper's brain. The first thing he asked himself is why he was in a helicopter and wondered where he was - or where he was going. He laid in a portable bed. He had a bad headache and was feeling low. A guard stood nearby with an armored suit and gunning gear.

"Eat", spoke the guard. A tray of meat and fruit with water was set up for him.

"Where am I?", he asked the guard.

"Motrin!", screamed the guard. The man called Motrin came out of the door.

"What?", asked the man named Motrin.

"He's up."


Motrin nealed next to Cooper and told him about his new terror army nobody knew about and which it needed a lot of financing and money to buy gear and weapons.

"What I want from you is to use you as a ransom!", Motrin spoke, "Otherwise, this is what will happen."

He was shown a gun as a threat.

"Never, the US will find you and bring you to justice,"

"Huh, ha, ha", chuckled the leader of his terrorist army. And he was put under the gun again. Even before Motrin fired the bullet Gary Cooper thought he was going to die.

"It's been a pleasure knowing you and meeting you Mr. Cooper. Bye.", he said calmly.

But then a big thud was heard on the copters roof a man broke the glass and started jumping into action. He shot the guard on the head who slumped to the metallic ground and started throwing punches at Motrin. Although Motrin was very old and a bit weaker he had excellent fighting ability and threw kicks and punches at the mystery hero guy.

BAM! The man sent Motrin flying and knocked him unconscious. Motrin men heard the thud and came into Coopers room in the back. They saw what was happening and they joined the fight so it was two on one. Apparently the agent was experienced in these situations. He punched bad guy number 1 in the face extremely hard and spun in the air and kicked bad guy number 2 in the chest which knocked him out.

"Quick, we have to go!", said the man. He was very worried and looked exhausted.

"Who are you?", asked Cooper.

"I'm special agent Rod and I was sent to get you sir"

"By whom?"

"By whom?!! The US Army!"

"Then lets go", Cooper responded. He was so happy and excited. When he was ready to give up hope, god had responded to his plea. Rod put a parachute bag on Cooper and himself.

"Pull the red strap when you start jumping out of the plane and-"


"Sir it's our only chance of survival."

"Oh what the heck! Fine! Go on."

"As I was saying pull the red strap when you are about to jump out of the plane and the blue strap when your 500 feet above the ground!", explained Rod. And so they jumped out of the plane and they both pulled out their red strap they started speeding toward earth very fast at least 30 miles per hour.

1000 feet, 900 feet, 800 feet, 700 feet, 600 feet, 550 feet.

"Ready! Set! Pull!"

500 feet. They both pulled their blue, shiny strap and they landed down slowly in their bright red parachutes. The pair of americans landed on the grass of a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. A helicopter that said U. S. A Military was waiting for them.

All was well. They were safe now. No more threats. No more fear.

Arnav Khinvasara

Language Arts                                Snyder


The benefits of exchanging my paper with my peers, was that I'd be able to have some good feedback on what I should do and I can get somebody to read it and see if it makes sense. Like when my partner didn't even know who the main character was I was able to put in his description and all about him at the beginning of the story. Also when you get somebody to read your piece they can tell you something special about it and their opinion.

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