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A girl goes to Disneyland with her best friend on halloween hoping to have the best time.

Weaver 4

Rachel Weaver


LA per. 4

23 October 2014

The Funnest Place on Earth?

"Happy birthday to you"

Shocked, I opened my eyes to see my whole family staring down at me as my dad held an apple lit by the stem. My mom held out two rectangular pieces of paper, each about as long as my hand. Fully awake now, I eagerly grabbed them and squinted, trying to make my eyes adjust to the complete darkness beyond the blinding flame of the apple; two three-day passes to Disneyland  were staring at me! "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"  I squeled as a question lingered in my mind. "Wait...but who's the second ticket for?"

"For Meera" Mom replied. Meera was my best friend. Although I had known her since the third grade, she only become my best friend last year.

"What if she isn't allowed?"

"I've already spoke to her parents. They weren't so sure at first but they finally gave in."

"Why weren't they so sure? We've been on plenty of trips together?"

"Because this time it's just the two of you alone."

"WHAT?!" I had mixed emotions about this. What if something went wrong... well no-duh, things always go wrong when something fun is about to happen. But maybe this once, nothing would go wrong.

"When are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow" It was Thursday, the first day of a four day weekend (thankfully). I felt so excited I went through the whole day being nice to everyone. As soon as I returned home from school,  I began to pack until I went to bed (which doesn't really make sense because I barely even slept that night).

The morning was a blur, my parents woke me up at 5:00 a.m., we left at 5:30 a.m., our parents left us at the airport at 6:00 a.m., and we were in the plane waiting for take off at 7:00a.m.. When we finally arrived in L.A, it's was a drag to check in to the Disney hotel and get into the crowded park.

"Let's go take a picture with Mickey and Minnie" Meera said. It was beginning to get dark, but since our hotel was in the park, we could stay out late. I was about to reply, but then I caught sight of a scary clown glaring at us. To my surprise, Meera apparently noticed him too. "Did you see that clown?"

"Yeah... I didn't know that they had clowns around here."

"Do they?"

" IDK man--just shut up, I'm actually getting freaked out." When we glanced back at the clown it was smiling while face pointing down with eyes on us and tightly gripping a knife.

"Ok. That's it. Lets grab dinner and run back to the hotel" And we did. We literally ran to the hotel after getting our Panda Express. But when we walked into the hotel, the clown was sitting on one of the four chairs in the lobby, peering at us. He was staring at US. Meera grabbed my hand and bolted to the elevator, viciously pressing the number eight  button. I looked back to the clown who was now slowly walking our way. He was muttering something over and over that I couldn't understand. Something like, "There will be worse." Finally the door fully closed and the entire ride up was filled with stunned silence.

Although we considered calling security, we figured it was only three days until halloween and he was probably someone dressed up for a halloween party. We watched Pretty Little Liars on the large tv while savoring our food from Panda Express. I glanced at the clock it read 9:15 p.m.. We had been watching T.V. for three hours, frankly I wasn't really watching T.V though, I was only thinking of the worst that could happen (besides the clown). I decided I would go to sleep hoping to clear my head."I'm going to bed"

"Yeah I was thinking the same."

We turned off  the lights and settled into the thick comforters. Our room was actually pretty spacious, we enjoyed two queen sized beds, an oak desk, and a fancy lamp next to each bed. Cozy enough to make me feel slightly safer.

The next morning (or afternoon since we woke up so late) wasn't so bad. Mainly because there were no clowns... Meera and I decided to take the staircase down to the lobby, just if case something went wrong we wouldn't be stuck in an elevator. But when we went down things were worse than the day before: furniture had been ripped, there were broken pieces of glass on the floor, torn curtains.

"Oh my God... Dude, what the heck is going on?" Meera looked at me as if expecting ME to have an answer.

"And I'm supposed to know because...." And then it hit me. Tomorrow was Halloween. It all made sense. This was probably a major prank or T.V. show set up.

But it turns out it wasn't. As soon as we scurried outside, we saw a weird cat/woman creature dragging a screaming human away behind the hotel. She had long hair, but crawled on four legs like a cat. Meera and I thought the same thing, because we both sprinted all the way back to our room. As soon as we got there, I spun around, slammed the door shut, and double locked it as Meera pushed a large drawer against door. I ripped my phone out of my pocket and dialed my parents number. Something was seriously wrong. Thankfully, my parents picked up and I told them everything. The clown,  the muttering, the furniture, the cat/woman. Eventually, they suggested an amazing idea that we felt foolish not to think of before. Exhausted, we decided to go arrive at the airport a day early. Meera and I quickly packed our gear and headed out the staircase to the lobby."Okay. Remember the plan. As soon as we're out of the doors of the hotel, we sprint to the gates of Disneyland, and get in the waiting cab."

"Yah, okay. Ready... Go!" She yelped as if it were a race. We sprinted past bizarre creatures that fortunately didn't chase after us. "There's the gates!" Meera screamed in a  deafening voice.

"Yeah, thanks because I'm totally blind and can't see the 30 foot tall gates right ahead." We hustled through the iron gates, and sighted the yellow cab waiting for us. We scrambled in the car and pleaded," Airport, please."

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