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First story. Don't be rude (:
1. Beaches aren't really my thing. Being half naked isn't my thing either. Neither being tanned. So I stood there on the beach barefoot feeling uncertain, wearing a loose summer T-shirt, shorts and sneakers in my hand.  A typical beach girl! I glanced around the beach at the chicks in bikinis. I could never be as daring as them like ever. I hated Heather right then , my new found best friend for persuading me to the beach. I was starting to feel hot and angry, not knowing what to do or where to go. It was my second time.

"Chill out Beth, the heat won't roast you." Heather slapped my back almost knocking me down. I glared at her and she laughed at my pathetic situation.

Heather wore a pink swimsuit. Her blonde hair tied up into a high ponytail like mine except that mine was brown.

I let out a frustrated sigh and accepted my fate. I was there, even if it was to my distaste, I was there somehow. Might as well live the day.

Heather offered a swim but I declined because I've never done that before. I had a bad past regarding a beach and it made me dread the sight of it. Feeling out of place, I took out my spread, lotioned my skin and plugged in my earphones and laid down under the direct sunlight. My bare skin exposed to the rash heat of the sun. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the music. I could see the light of the sun through closed eyes. The heat warmed and tickled my skin. Man! Did it feel good! For once I didn't care about getting tanned.

I don't know how I fell asleep or how long I've slept. But when I woke up, i  woke up feeling cold. So cold. With my eyes still closed, I felt chilly gusts of winds hitting me roughly. Something felt strange. There were no sounds at all. There was no sunlight hitting my closed eyes. Feeling disturbed I opened my eyes and saw the most shocking thing in my life.

2. There was no one. There was no sun. No boats or umbrellas. Just me. Alone on a cold dark  beach.  panic overtook me. I looked around in dismay. I called out but my voice felt so tiny. Did I even hear my own voice? I shuddered from the cold, put on my sneakers and untied my hair. What happened here? I didn't know where to go. I hugged myself and called out again but it felt hollow. The trees around moved about in the wind producing eerie sounds. They were the only living creatures I saw besides me. But they were all half dead. I ran about frantically crying for help like a maniac but no help came. I pinched myself hopefully thinking it was a dream. I felt a sharp pain on my arm where I pinched and realised it was not a dream.

For what seemed like ages later, I sat down  on the sand feeling tired and getting over the first phase of shock. It was then that the second phase of shock started.

I had my head down between my knees waiting for what would happen next. Then I noticed a pair of foot in front of me. Immediately relieved, I started blurting out,

"Oh thank Go-" I stopped short when I looked up to the owner of that feet and noticed a girl about 13 years, wearing a white nightgown with blonde white hair flying freely around her pale face. She had very pale blue eyes which looked almost grey and her eyes stared directly into mine.

I could swear I had seen that face somewhere. But where? I tried to recall but nothing seemed to form in my head.

"I'm lost and...and i-i.." I stammered. I was suddenly very uneasy with her presence. It just felt odd.

Without a word, she turned around and signalled me to follow her. I was about to when I noticed that she limped slightly when she walked. It was then that I realised who she was.

"Cassie!" I exclaimed, out of shock.

She turned around and locked her pale pale eyes with mine. Everything became clear in a flash.

"But..but.." I sputtered, "you're dead."

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


"Look at her, Beth," sneered Rachael at a girl about our age. That girl wore an odd dress which reached down her ankles. Her hair was a mess. And she limped on her left foot.

"What an ugly girl! I wouldn't want to be her any day!"

""Did she even comb her hair?" I sneered.

"Check out her dress! What... Does she think its the 50's?" Said Karen with mock disgust.

"Hey Cassandra, where did u come from? Another planet?" Screamed Rachael and we all laughed.

Poor Cassie 's eyes got teary. She tried to ignore us. She hated us and we hated her. She started walking fast, struggling with her limp foot.

"Oh where are you going?" I sneered, "running away? You wouldn't get far with that foot!" We all laughed and she sobbed audibly.

"Hey hey guess what!" Said Karen, pretending to be shocked. "She's crying for no reason!"

"I say let's give her a reason to cry!" Suggested Rachael gleefully.

With sinister smiles, we advanced towards her from behind.

Cassie turned around and cried, "go away. Leave me alone."

She was shivering so badly I almost felt bad for her.

"Oh yeah we will. Who wants to be with you anyway?" Said Karen. "But not after a little treat." She winked at Rachael.

"Karen?" I asked with inquiring eyes as to what she had in mind. As far as it went, verbal abuse seemed okay. But physical abuse? I was not sure.

"Beth Beth..." She sighed, "don't sissy out now."

Before I could say anything, Rachael hurled herself full force on the lean body of Cassie and sent her flying across the pavement. She shrieked in pain and cried. Like all bullies, Karen and Rachael took to their heels and not understanding what just happened, I took off after them leaving the poor girl crying in pain.

That was not the only assault we pressed upon Cassie. She was our pathetic victim. And we always managed to get away with it.

It was camping. The site was a beach. Everything was perfect until Cassie came along.

"What is she doing h3re?" Said Rachael loud enough to let her hear.

"Hey Cassandra," cried Karen, "should I remind you that you are handicapped? This is no place for people like you!"

We laughed and hit each other hi-fives.

"Oh I have an idea!" Grinned Karen and rubbed her palms together. Her eyes twinkled mischievously.

I suddenly had a strange sense of foreboding right then. That look on Karen's eyes did not look good at all.

Cassie shivered timidly and stood still. There was nothing she could do.

"Cassandra," she lulled, "care for a swim?"

"Karen!!!" I exclaimed.

"Come on Beth," she sighed, "don't be a spoilsport! What's happened to you?"

"No. This is not good." I cried.

Karen tapped her foot impatiently and narrowed her eyes at me.

"Rachael?" She asked.

"I'm for it!" Replied Rachael.

With strong grips they dragged the protesting Cassie towards the shore.

"Let go of me," she screamed, "I cant swim."

"Keep your mouth shut else I'm gonna flatten your cords." Growled Rachael.

"Guys this is a bad idea." I called out after them.

"Shut up Beth," yelled Karen.

They reached rib length into the water and pushed the little body forward. Cassie fell down lifeless into the water. There was no sign of struggle. I got very disturbed. Did they strangle h3r? Of course they wouldn't. What was I thinkiñg? But even from the distance I could see that Cassie fell limp into the water. She did not struggle. Something was wrong. Her body vanished under water and did not emerge. I could see my friends staring in shock. Not good. Not good.

4. From a distance I saw Rachael dive underwater for a moment and coming back up. They were talking about something I couldn't hear. But I heard Karen swearing aloud. Then Karen disappeared and reappeared. I needed to know what was going on. But I couldn't get into the water. I had that phobia.

"Hey guys?" I screamed. But they were out of earshot.

Anxiously looking on I saw a senior guy running over to my side to fetch a volleyball.

"Hey..hey Lee!" I cried frantically waving to him. He gave me a puzzled look and came over.

"What's up junior?" He said drily, tossing the ball to his friends.

"Over there..she..they.." I stammered not knowing what to say.

He looked at the two girls swimming back towards the shore. Oh God! What happened to Cassie!

"What about them?" He asked lazily, scratching the back of his head.

"Cassie...she's gone." I choked out.

"Who's Cassie? What's going on?" He asked again.

By now the two girls reached the shoreline, gasping.

"What happened?" I asked anxiously.

"She's gone." Said Karen in alarm.

"She just disappeared." Continued Rachael.

"What do you mean just disappeared?!" I asked in terror.

"Wait what's going on?" Asked Lee getting a little uneasy.

"Tell him." I said to them.

They looked at each other willing each other to tell him what happened.

"Well..." Started Rachael and told Lee what had happened.

"But obviously she must have fainted while we were dragging her along." Said Karen feeling guilty.

"Obviously" agreed Rachael.

"You are in deep trouble." Warned Lee and he jogged off to get help.

"I told you it was a bad idea." I said.

"That wasn't the idea." Karen defended herself but she knew it was useless. Rachael was almost in tears.

I felt bad for them but they had gone too far. They killed Cassie. The professional divers attempted a search but Her body was never recovered. That was the end of our little victim.

*        *        *      *      *      *      *      *      *     

5. "Cassie please.." I begged, "let me go."

Terror struck me as she took a step towards me. All the while, her face was blank. Pale. Eerie.

"You've grown." She spoke in her 13 year voice. Her voice had a tint of sadness and evil sending shivers up my spine. I stood numb and dumb on my spot. A ghost was talking to me. A ghost from five years back. I swallowed hard.

"You never gave me a chance to grow up."

"I didn't kill you," I cried. But she didn't seem to hear it. A raindrop fell on my head. A rather big raindrop as it seemed to me. Cassie's body slowly started fading into nothingness. I looked on as it vanished right in front of my eyes. Seeing is believing but it was still hard to believe. I had never met a ghost before.

I started feeling warm despite the cold surrounding. That warmness turned to severe heat. I felt I was burning up.  It kept raining. But only on my face. I looked up and a shower of rain fell on my face from above.

6. I choked and gasped from the water that entered my mouth and nostrils. I sat upright and was surprised to see so many people around.

"She's back!" I heard someone cheer.

It took me a while to figure out where I was. I was back to the sunny beach, back to where I was lying down. The sun was burning my skin but I was so relieved I almost cried.

"Beth, are you okay?" Heather was beside me holding my arm.

"I-I guess." I stammered. "What happened?"

"God! Beth!" Cried Lee in relieve and gave me a big hug.

"Lee? What are you doing here?" I asked in surprise by seeing him. He was at work when I checked that morning.

"Okay she's up!" Shouted a sweaty guy I've never seen before. He was holding a glass of water in his hand. The raindrops?

"You were passed out for over an hour." Heather explained. "I was so worried I called Lee over."

I was starting to feel embarrassed by the attention I had created and when Lee offered to take me home, I accepted gladly.

Lee and I started making out a year after the beach incident. He had straight black hair and rich blue eyes. And he was the best anyone could ever have.

Heather joined us on the ride back home. I was having disturbing thoughts about Cassie that I didn't hear when heather talked to me.

"Hello!" She repeated. "Are you really okay? You are awfully silent."

"I'm fine." I lied. I was not okay at all. I was confused. Terrified. Five years. She's back. Rachael died a year later under very suspicious circumstances  after Cassie's disappearance. Karen became mental and was taken to an asylum where she died after killing herself with a shard of broken window glass. That could be all Cassie's doings. And now she's come for me.

Lee's car screeched to a halt in front of a large yard and Heather walked out and got into her house.

"Beth," said Lee in a soft voice. "I'm so glad you're okay. I was afraid I'd lose you."

His words hit me like a bullet. If Cassie is at large, it would just be a matter of time till Lee would lose me forever. I tried to swallow a lump on my throat.

"Yeah." I murmured.

I didn't tell Lee what I saw. I felt bad. We normally never keep anything from each other. But this was different. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that Cassie was haunting me. It would crush him deep. He knew what happened to Rachael and Karen.

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