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Jake, Gorga, and sex.Anyone think this is gonna end well?No?This is Jake's hard life story
Hi! Me again. Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks, I had to plan this big Halloween party, I recently got a horse cool right? Wrong I fell off of the horse, that’s bad enough, but no life had to be cruel and now I have a fractured shoulder blade and a concoction, yeah it sucks, sorry in the delay, but I’ve only now been able to type, so I made this chapter longer than normal to make up for lost time. But enough with the chitchat no one will read this anyway so on to the story. But first another shout out to anyone who reads, reviews, rates, or likes my story and continues to read it, and to anyone who caught the fact that in this sentence ‘Why do I let him take over?’ I said ‘him’ not ‘her’ and just to clear things up it was not a mistake you’ll just have to wait and see what happens for all will be explained in future chapters
Chapter 3: It’s always darkest just before dawn, to bad it’s only midnight

6:30, I’ve been awake for hours just lying in bed waiting for the inevitable knock on the door saying Gorga’s here and I have to get up and relive last night over and over and over.6:45 Knock, knock, knock. (There it is, the three knocks telling me Gorga is here and that my life really is just one huge repetitive nightmare) I get up and get dressed, brush my hair and teeth, then I go down stairs to open the door and get all of this over with so I can go to Michael’s house and play video games like a normal teenage boy. (Michael is like my best friend, we’ve lived down the block from each other our whole lives and our moms are pretty good friends, so our friendship was inevitable, really.)6:50 I open the door and find Gorga waiting to come inside and get started. I hold my breath as she walks in, really not wanting to do this, but just wanting to get it over with so she can leave. No words are said they never are, but the silent’s is defining and I don’t know how long I can take it. We walk up to my bedroom, still silent and Gorga gets to work.7:00 She circles me slowly, touching me, caressing me, kissing me, undressing me. (I’m not proud of this, but I would not be lying if I said that some small part of me liked this.) But even with that I stood rigid, until I felt him creeping into me, taking over and loosing me entirely in the process. I sunk deep in the back of my mind to hide until it was all over.

I came to right after we had finished getting dressed, 10:00. I was standing leaning over the bed, I wanted to collapse onto it and pretend everything was normal, that this wasn’t my life. I wanted to cry myself to sleep like I do seven days a week. I was visibly shaking with the effort not to cry, (I hate this, I hate my life, I hate everything. Sometimes I think everything would be easier if was dead, but then I have to think of my mom she wouldn’t be able to go on if I died. I’m pretty sure that thought is the only thing that has kept me from jumping off a bridge in the past few years.) I stilled with the feeling of a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Gorga standing there. She tilted my head so I was looking directly into her eyes. “It’s ok. You don’t need to worry about it, your good.” She stated calmly. I was utterly shocked at the kindness behind her words and the sincerity in her voice. (I have never heard her talk like this, ever.) Then she kissed me and stepped away, I was shocked by this. (I know what you’re thinking, ‘She kisses you all the time and you hate it, why are you shocked?’) I wasn’t shocked that she kissed me; I was shocked by how she kissed me, it was soft and gentle not hard and forceful like every other kiss we’ve either given or received. (It was so different, it felt real.) It was weird, nothing we ever shared felt real, but that did. I normally just feel use, because I know she will never love me like I love her, no matter how long this goes on. (I know what you’re thinking now, ‘Love her? I thought you hate her?’ Hate. I’m pretty sure I am incapable of hating other people, that is a job for him.) I turn to question her, but she’s gone. I walk over to my window and pull back the dark curtain only in time to see Gorga get in her car and drive away. “She’ll be back tomorrow.” I said quietly to myself as I sat down on my bed. Right after I sit down I hear my mom knocking my door, I got up to open the door and when I did I found my mom looking very upset,”Mom is everything ok?” I asked, concerned that everything wasn’t. “Jake, we need to talk.”

Cliff hanger! Ha ha ha! Nah I’m just playing, (I know you think your fat.) Come on you all know you were thinking it and now it’s stuck in your head. Ha ha ha! I’m an evil master mind. To everyone who didn’t get that your life is sad.

Mom looked so upset and a little angry. My heart was pounding in my chest I could only think she found out, ’Oh no, she found out. She heard us. She is going to kill me. I am in so much trouble. I’m dead.’ Mom must have seen the look in my eyes for her face softened, “You’re not in trouble if that’s what you’re thinking, Jake.” She stated with a hint of humor in her voice. ‘But if I’m not in trouble that means she didn’t find out, if she didn’t find out what does mom wont to tell me?’ I thought. “We should sit.” she said. I open my door wider and step back so we can sit on the bed. I couldn’t even guess at what mom wants to tell me. (I don’t have a clue.)

Real cliff hanger! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! (thunder claps then lightning strikes) I really am an evil master mind. Guess you’ll just have to wait to find out what is about to happen to set the story in motion! The story is just getting interesting and things are heating up, but something to leave off with ‘Who is this mysterious boy who controls and hates people for Jake?’ We’ll find out soon.
Yeah I feel stupid. Why you ask? Because I totally forgot to describe the characters in the story. Yeah I know it’s like the writing basics, but I always knew what they looked like when I wrote the story so…Oh……. Yeah………. Stupid.

So, here’s a description of the characters; Jake: Tall, dirty blond hair perfectly messy, emerald green eyes, well muscled, and good at heart Gorga: Taller than Jake, long red hair, hazel eyes more green than brown, smart at a super genius level, and was hurt at a young age Mom: About as tall as Gorga, short blond hair, deep blue eyes, kind and gentle Michael: A little shorter than Jake, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and Jake’s best friend Yeah I still feel stupid, but at least everyone now knows what everyone looks like so…….. Yeah……….
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